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Quote: Originally Posted by jakeyt So Maxim and Askmen.com have a list of the top 5 dress shirts to own. Maxim writes to own 1. A white dress shirt 2. A light blue dress shirt 3. A pink/lavender dress shirt 4. A black and white checkered dress shirt Askmen.com writes to own a 1. A white Zegna dress shirt 2. Light Blue Armani Collezioni dress shirt 3. A Baker grey shirt and 4. A Gucci black shirt Your thoughts? Personally, I think a...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Hira's Bespoke is coming to Sydney next week, Tuesday 28th June to Tuesday July 5th 2011 (from 3pm onward on Tuesday 28th) at the Sheraton on the Park, 161 Elizabeth Street, according to an email I just received from them (though I've never used them). sounds a lot like raja fashions. i steer away from a website that has too much advertising. Generally means they're trying to spend more time promoting...
small grey herringbone in skinny tie looks crap
Pic #2 of hte back hihglights the balance issues: top heavy, bottom not long enough. [[SPOILER]] Also some attention to detail issues around the shoulder where theres too much folding as to seeming its not a good fit
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier Who wants $5,000 in Kenneth Cole? I honestly don't know what I would do with the winnings... Everyone, if your gf can sell it on ebay afterwards...
received my bettanin & venturi.. spoorific belt Only qualm is if i wear it just above my hip-bone, i need the 4th hole, if i wear it higher I fits comfortable on the middle 3rd hole). So how should I wear it-pulling my pants a bit higher and belting on 3rd hole, or leaving pants above hip and on the 4th hole??
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Is it possible to make excel think that 2:15 is 2 minutes and 15 seconds, as opposed to 12:02:15 AM or 2:15 AM? you can work around by extracting minutes and seconds. then use a cell reference = A2 & " minutes and " & B2 & " seconds" where A2 = cell reference for minutes, and B2 = seconds
I wonder where is the tipping point of showing too many labels, you get targeted for a robbery or bashing... Displaying tags just under that critical point is the epitome of alpha man style
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