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Attolinegate FTW
2 newbs bidding up to $500 for Tom Ford tie on Spoo's ebay...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Re-read that, and understand why you are destined to fail. 1. fuck re-evolving. 2. its much harder to grasp new concepts when you're over 30. Yet, I believe old dogs can learn new tricks. programming language- it takes a logical person to learn a programming language musical instrument- makes your life richer, and activates other parts of your brain language- probably the most difficult one I have.... is the other one.
you sound like DB^2
CFA wont' get you a job. It'll add value if you're working in the industry. Why don't you try to get a job first, or move to your desired field.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aphte Bumpibump. thats 5% off. no free bumps thanks.
Hi mr aspiring management consultant, I'm trying to bring you back to reality... case study: do your own industry research Question yourself why you even need to think about PM%, when a large established firm will have very different business model to your startup/venture. Revenue line and expenses are different, as well as distribution channels. For startups the most important thing is cashflow and earnings growth, so start projecting by building a model. good...
Economics undergrad does not make you a good businessman a rich family / capital backing you would be good. before you calculate profit you should think about cashflow, becuase you'll be -ve NPV for a long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by jakeyt So Maxim and have a list of the top 5 dress shirts to own. Maxim writes to own 1. A white dress shirt 2. A light blue dress shirt 3. A pink/lavender dress shirt 4. A black and white checkered dress shirt writes to own a 1. A white Zegna dress shirt 2. Light Blue Armani Collezioni dress shirt 3. A Baker grey shirt and 4. A Gucci black shirt Your thoughts? Personally, I think a...
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