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Try hornets. They have a shop selling tweed (and some barbours) on kensignton church street, also they have nice second hand suits and things in their other branch. If you're around on saturday there are also sometimes some at the clothes bits of portobello market.
Again, interested in pics
Okay, didn't end up getting the trousers (size 30, herringbone), so they are still on sale. If I lived in the States and so didn't have to deal with international shipping they would be gone by now.
PM sent on 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Restaurants I kind of disagree on. Decent food in Oxford is not the norm. K Oh I agree that it's not the norm but that doesn't mean there aren't good ones about. For instance Edammame is a fantastic cheap family run Japanese restaurant, Sojos is a great Chinese and recently got recommended in the Times as one of the best in England (not quite sure it's that good but still), and I can think of other small...
Hi, I haven't really posted much but I thought I'd chime in since I've been a student here for the last four years and know the city really well. Since this is style forum I suppose I should start sartorially. It terms of casual dress Oxford is much like any other university so you can pretty much wear whatever you please, no one really cares at all. I guess people generally dress on a day-to-day level more nicely in Oxford than some places but, yeah, there is...
This pretty much inspired me to join the forum, so thanks. Once I get some cash together I'm going to go and pay a visit to Cliff to get some fine Balmorals.
This looks pretty fun. I always see loads of awesome stuff which isn't my size, so maybe I should start picking up some of the higher end stuff for trades. That said, being a 36r means I probably wont have much luck with it. Although I could always use shoes and accessories...
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