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Christian Kerez Apartment Building Zurich 2003
This article on Sea Ranch, California in the NYTimes is quite good. It conveys the regrettable tragedy of being reduced to contrived folly in maintenance of collective aestheticism. Ultimately, as much as I'd want to live within its physical setting, I just don't think I could make peace with the desperation of it all. I'd feel like Val Kilmer if he had been inducted into the Rock n' Rock Hall of Fame for The...
A Concise History of Architectural Triumph
Speaking of unrelated shit nobody gives two fucks about, what's Steffi Graf up to these days?
Finally, a beautiful spring day has arrived. It looks like the trees are still a week away from showing leaves.
Rest assured, nobody here believes you suck shit in a singular way, so go ahead and put "or" to rest.
As if time exists in the vacuum of the Photoshop universe?
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