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My condolences. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
why, what's your favorite* movie? *or least disliked
I've never been able to take Jeremy Renner seriously. Is he Harvey Weinstein's cousin or something?
Tatiana Bibao Unpractical House Roca Blanca, Mexico 2008
Don't hate Park Slope residents because we're important enough to get special treatment from our mayor. Did you have to walk two whole blocks for an expresso and torta this morning? Well, most of us did.
I live about six blocks from DeBlasio's house in Brooklyn and was up til 4am working, and I counted the snow plow coming down our street at least 8-10 times. It even woke me up at 5am because the noise of the plow scraping against the already-cleared cement was so loud.
What's this from?
Meh, one'll do.
Yeah, it needs a chair.
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