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That's one of those houses that needs 30 years to break in before it reaches its potential. There's little character to be found in its generic newness. And I dislike the kitchen, because I always dislike the kitchen.
David Chipperfield Fayland House Oxfordshire, UK 2013
Smiljan Radic House for The Poem of the Right Angle Vilches, Chile 2012
Aughey O’Flaherty Architects House On Mount Anville Dublin, Ireland 2013
Rafael Moneo Iglesia de Iesu San Sebastián, Spain 2011
Alvaro Siza Chapel of St. Ovidius Lousada, Portugal 2001
Bought my lady a really nice coat from A.P.C. as a gift for her birthday and it arrived dirty/scuffed. It must have been worn and returned or used as a floor sample. It was on sale, but still, that sorta sucks. I can't give it to her.
An audio tour?
Christian Kerez Apartment Building Zurich 2003
This article on Sea Ranch, California in the NYTimes is quite good. It conveys the regrettable tragedy of being reduced to contrived folly in maintenance of collective aestheticism. Ultimately, as much as I'd want to live within its physical setting, I just don't think I could make peace with the desperation of it all. I'd feel like Val Kilmer if he had been inducted into the Rock n' Rock Hall of Fame for The...
New Posts  All Forums: