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Paolo Zermani Chiesa di San Giovanni Ponte d’Oddi, Italy
And this fucking quasi-random composition of windows and paneling? OMG. Who the fuck does this shit?
That one is pretty close, but almost every building you guys poast has some horrible, cluttered detail that drives me fucking insane. In that house, it's the shitty kitchen cabinets, awful kitchen lights, the brutish out-of-proportion fireplace, and incoherent external massing. The attributable factor to this is that they're largely homes whose individual elements (doors, cladding, windows, kitchen units) have been subbed out to third party manufacturers offering their own...
Jesus Christ.
The only goalies I considered were Brazil's, Belgium's, and Argentina's, simply because they had the shittiest groups and seemed most likely to shutout their dogshit opponents.
Subs? Please. My starters are going the distance. The Iranians and Nigerians I've filled my bench with are going to stay there.
Feelin' pretty good about my squad's chances. 65 points with one more player needing to play his first game. I may be too heavy on Spain, but they can get it together. As good as Pirlo was yesterday, it's also sucky to see him only tally 5 points. I should get an assist credit for that dummy he [didn't] play.
That True Detective finale was fucking bullshit.
You guys are doing great!
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