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Was it their blood orange donut by chance? It put them on the map, but I think it's gross.
Anyone make iced coffee at home? Do I actually need one of these pretentious cold brew pots or can I just throw coffee grounds in a glass jar overnight and strain it with steel cloth?
That's Dough. They do the flea market, but they're never as good as the storefront.
Dunkin Donuts are good when they're fresh, but some of them sit out for an entire day and are dried out when you order them. It's a total crapshoot.
Yeah. Overrated. It's just too expensive to take any satisfaction out of.Best donut I've had in NY is in Bed Stuy at Dough. Their cafe au lait donut is omg. They're each like $2. 7/11's donuts are also pretty amazing in my opinion.
I live near Greenwood Cemetery and Prospect Park in the South Slope area, so that's where they come from at. If I wanted to give up the 'coons, I'd have to trade away the green space.
This morning I went to workout at 5:15 or so, and half of North America's raccoon population was in the middle of a potluck dinner on our street's trash. It's probably indicative of a typical New York conditioning process towards dirty rodents that I waved and said hello to all of them.
Lolz #1Lolz # 2
Not impressed. You appear to be...a troll.
Arkansas is pretty gorgeous. If I moved there tomorrow and built a little compound on a wooded lot 10 miles outside Little Rock and started gardening, I'm 100% certain I'd be happier than I am now.
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