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Álvaro Siza House for Robert Ivens Matosinhos, Portugal 1961
Filippo Bricolo A Brick House Over an Old Stone Barn Verona, Italy 2015
John Pawson Archabbey of Pannonhalma Renovation Pannonhalma, Hungary 2015
Taller de Arquitectura Contextual Casa Gabriela Merida, Mexico 2014
Just wait until they realize that tree roots dont grow in 6 inches of dirt.
Re: Calatrava's WTC design: The finish is terrible, but that's due to the fact they they didn't properly sandblast the concrete before painting it. From what I remember reading, the city balked at the cost after the design specified a better finish and they ended up cutting corners in prepping the surface, so I wouldn't necessarily blame Calatrava for an ugly design, but rather a poor effort to make the design cost-effective. If the design itself is poor, it's due to how...
^ Such an odd design. For a city that's so prohibitively expensive, using a sizable chunk of the lot's space for something as relatively nonfunctional as an unenclosed patio seems bizarre. I have no idea why they wouldn't increase the square footage by using sliding partitions and turning it into a 3-season space or just enclosing the entire floor and the putting the patio on the roof where they can have greater privacy, 360 degree views, and maximized natural light...
Any Italo Calvino fans? I've been meaning to get started on Invisible Cities, but for some reason I'm lacking the urge. I need to hear somebody say it's great.
All Hail The Royals!
Ronnie Fieg x Sebago Seneca Boots Sz. 10 NWOT Fall 2011. Never worn. $90 shipped CONUS. PM if you need more info. I'd recommend buying these from me, and then taking your girlfriend to a park or something to make out.
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