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Totally. They're a blast, and I'm not one of those people.
In its current state, I don't find it very appealing, but I'm always excited to see something new by Valerio Olgiati because so many of his buildings are bizarrely stubborn concepts. For reference, he designs his buildings without any use of paper or computers; no napkin sketches or anything. He and his architects sit in the studio and discuss a building's design until the building is completely finished in their minds, and only then do they begin to draw it out for the...
Valerio Olgiati Villa Além Alentejo, Portugal 2014
But when people shit in public in Cambodia, it just falls on the dirt sidewalk, so it's basically nature.
I'd be more troubled if he was employed than if he wasn't. He's the type of guy that needs to slip through the cracks.
It's a little bit heroic how he just sort of went for it.
Anybody witness this Metro North crash? 6 dead.
I wish I were poorer, so I could finally afford to live here.
It's gotta be only a matter of time before the UES is no longer affordable. Assuming the 2nd Avenue line partially opens in 2016, I don't see why that eastern area towards Yorkville wouldn't instantly become many people's best option to commute to midtown.
The Upper East and West sides have always been the most interesting neighborhoods for me. When you combine the residents' relative wealth, age, and degree of social establishment/ interconnectedness compared to the other parts of the city featuring so many transient professionals, they seem like the only parts of the city qualified to produce enough batshit insanity behind closed doors to source a Telemundo soap opera. It's hard to walk down Park Avenue without fantasizing...
New Posts  All Forums: