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I simply can't look at design flaws and ignore them. I stare at them, simmer with anger over my inability to take a crowbar to them, and daydream about the most suitable way to fix them. An offensively simple concrete box, despite its nothingness, is a safe place for my psyche. On the other hand, I could never sit in Foo's living room without the desire to unscrew his aluminum "trad" windows and karate kick them into the alley below. None of the spectacular gimmicky...
I saw an interior photo of the big gallery which looked surprisingly impressive. The exterior is what it is: unflattering and unimportant. I think they escaped a dangerous situation pretty well.
The buildings I post aren't intended to be ideal homes for you. My goal is to post buildings which have nothing wrong with them, thus displaying design excellence, leaving personal taste as the only reason you guys could find fault with them. When I scoff at the shit you guys post, it's because they contain glaring design flaws, which you guys tend to overlook for the sake of a house's features. Your focus is Dream Living. My focus is architectural quality, which is my...
Normal people are both stupid and cash-strapped, which means their "choice" not to live in a prison isn't even one. Most of these normal Americans live in homes that are little more than cardboard boxes shrinkwrapped in petroleum byproducts. To what extent one could consider that a distinction from a lowly material like concrete which was used to make The Pantheon is completely beyond me.
Everything you need to know about this album can be summed up in lyrics from track 3, which are sung over the somber strumming of a ukulele: "you checked your texts while I masturbated"
Apparently this new Sufjan Stevens album that comes out in a couple weeks is getting substantial praise; lots of "best albums I've heard in years" comments have already showed up at some of the music review sites. Anybody heard it? It's been leaked and I downloaded it, but haven't gotten to it. I'm not very familiar with his music, but I'm a deprived sucker eagerly awaiting the chance to hear and recognize any potential masterpiece. It feels like it's been so long since an...
Jesus, this guy's office is a fucking machine. He's got a new project completed like every month. MK27 (Marcio Kogan) Vitacon Itaim Building São Paulo, Brazil 2014
LoL LoL LoL, France 2015
Mystery? As if the stork might actually be the one delivering stool logs?
New Posts  All Forums: