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LoL LoL LoL, France 2015
Mystery? As if the stork might actually be the one delivering stool logs?
Cool story, prudes.
I would prefer all-white too. I'll take this opportunity to recommend Conne's favorite bubble bath*. * female bathing partner not included
It looks pretty clever. I like the wood tray detail. What's it made of?
Fearon Hay Mountain Retreat The Mountains 2008
It's nice to see somebody put lots of effort into a roof detail. Fearon Hay Island Retreat Auckland, NZ 2011
Johann Celsing Woodland Cemetery Crematorium Stockholm, Sweden 2008
Caning is nauseatingly expensive by itself for a dinky dinner chair, but I would guess that the chaise's particularly dense caning and its continuous length over such a big surface area makes it exponentially more expensive and difficult to manufacturer. Considering it requires pretty significant strength to do by hand, and requires such a high level of craft to prevent incongruencies in the texture over such a long and visible continuous weave, I'm guessing they have a...
I believe I posted this a while back, but there were only a few photos at the time. These new ones featuring daylight warrant posting. This is HoF material. RCR Arquitectes Entremuros House Girona, Spain 2011
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