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MO+G taller de arquitectura Pinar House Zapopan, Mexico 2014
I know just a little bit about being snippy, and you were being snippy.
It's not my fault you can't read.
Windsor Terrace is basically Brooklyn's retirement village. Lots of post-war homes and assisted living "communities". The restaurant/young people scene is non-existent, except for the area on the southwest edge of Prospect Park which is basically South Slope. I'm currently in South Slope and enjoy it because of its proximity to Park Slope without its costs, but it's just not "there" yet a neighborhood to enjoy itself. Much of South Slope is gross and dirty, particularly...
Is this gonna be good? I need an unbiased answer.
No. That's a recipe for disaster.
Yes, you can build a cavity wall, but a cavity wall functions entirely differently from a load-bearing masonry wall. They have nothing in common with a 19th century brick building or most pre-war ones, which cannot use insulation, since internal heat is necessary to drive water out of the brick to prevent a freeze-thaw cycle. The vast majority of efforts to introduce insulation into traditional brick buildings have undermined their function and caused structural damage and...
That's not a brick loadbearing building, moron.
You won't see many true brick load-bearing buildings anytime soon in developed countries. They're practically illegal in most modern building codes because they don't function in cold climates with the use of insulation, which has been prioritized. Every large "brick" building you see today is a concrete or steel-framed building with 3" of brick veneer wallpapered on. Outside of the efforts of a select few like Mario Botta, most are depressing piles of shit.
C.F. Moller Architects Ravnsbjerg Church Arhus, Denmark 1976
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