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What fucking house are you looking at? The stone is travertine, not some lowly sandstone. The great benefit of travertine is color. Since it's finely porous, slightly reflective, and striated with really beautiful patterns of white and yellows, the expansive surfaces of the house will change in color throughout the day to reflect the color of the ocean and the horizon. It's like...the perfect material for one's interest in color in the given context. In the evening, the...
Alberto Campo Baeza House of the Infinite Plane Cádiz, Spain 2014
Post a building and I'll tell you why I hate it.
MoK, who's on your team? You're up by quite a bit I see.
Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk Mortuary at Asker Cemetery Asker, Norway 1996
Uno Tomoaki Hazu House Japan 2007
Aparicio + Fernández-Elorza Architectural Documentation Center Madrid, Spain 2005
Eduardo de Miguel Arbone Cultural Center Valencia, Spain 2006
Ryue Nishizawa Vertical Garden House Tokyo, Japan 2013
New Posts  All Forums: