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MESURA Architects A Garden of Carved Stone Peratallada, Spain 2014
Wernerfield A Really Great Party House Dallas, Texas 2015
WHBC Architects Recycled Telephone Pole House Langkawi, Malaysia 2015
Who is gonna sit in this chair?
Mesura Casa IV Elche, Spain 2014
Have you ever read this? It's fascinating. You'd really like it. It has all these great historical anecdotes about the habits of traditional craftsmen.
Scenic Architecture Victory Street Neighborhood Center Zhujiajiao, China 2013
Don't worry, bro. I got solid timber for you! Makoto Yamaguchi Salon House Reconstruction Narimasu, Japan Originally Built in 1870; Reconstructed in 2014
Laminated wood beams are your only option. They're significantly stronger. They also require significantly less drying time than solid timber beams so they aren't taking up space in a warehouse for 2-3 years before construction, which has gotta be prohibitively costly in Japan. You can make them out of new growth wood, which is orders of magnitude cheaper, assuming they're being imported from China (a safe assumption). They can also be reinforced with steel channels if...
I've been to this orgy of triangles in the foreground of this picture. An old teacher of mine worked on the project and for some reason encouraged students to go see it. It was every bit the soul-crushing, civically-detached purgatory you'd expect it to be, but I remember being pretty flabbergasted by the complexity of its floorplans and the effort to design them. If I recall correctly, they had attempted to give every apartment unit a different layout to ensure...
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