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Oops. I just noticed the spoiler images and they are using stack ventilation, which is better, but kind of weird and something that I wouldn't suspect after seeing the interior. Based on my understanding of building environmental systems, their wall type and ventilation means are sort of contradictory. They're using natural ventilation with walls that can't ventilate. Since the internal walls from the exterior are finished with drywall, they require vapor barriers to...
And that fucking fridge handle.... it's about as chic as Mark McGwire's torso.
I hate it, Guiz. I disagree pretty strongly with it in concept (vapor-impermeable wall construction in tropical climate) and in execution (soullessly generic fixtures/details). With that said, I'm guessing they built it on a pretty tight budget, which would probably impress me if I learned more. The corners that were certainly cut in building this are the type that designers are relegated to through budget restraints. Small details which bug me (like the excessively large...
Oh, this is precious.
LOL. This a parody poast, right? It's also wrong in a dozen ways, but assuming you're actually kidding, you don't need an explanation why. If you somehow aren't kidding an do need an explanation, let me know.
Yeah, it's tolerable because of its a reprieve from that weather, but mid-40's to high-50's temperature range is so inconvenient. I don't think I could make it a single day going about life in San Francisco without either a sweat or a chill at some point. I'm already sensitive enough to temperature that I have to speculate whether I'm actually a middle-aged woman.
If I had shitloads of money and no house, I'd probably just pay the Air Force to transport that steel house with the glass floors across the Atlantic and drop it on a parking lot in Tribeca. Or maybe on top of the Woolworth Building.
No, I'm talking the vast majority of homes. Even "luxury" homes and buildings in urban places are filled with toxic shit on damn near every fucking surface. Whoever just paid $100 million for the penthouse of One57 in New York will almost assuredly be inheriting a showroom of DuPont's finest.As for the Pantheon, it's not made of granite. It's faced in travertine and tufa. Regardless, there's one material that can be used to make the largest monolithic dome in the world,...
I just bought some new leather gloves on clearance, so I want one more day of winter weather, them I'm ready for spring, cuz I got nu shortz tu..
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