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Any fans of this? I wouldn't have suspected I'd want to smell like rose petals, but this is really appealing to me.
Nice. Just bought some of this.
I spent like fifteen minutes trying to buy body wash. Overwhelmed with selection.
Finally, I get to sit back and watch one of these.
OMG Srsly. WTF, Mother Nature. GTFO.
Nieto Sobejano ExtensiĆ³n Museo Castillo de la Luz Las Palmas, Grand Canaria 2013
The bus to or from LaGuardia isn't bad at all if your're above 59th. I think that's why a bunch of those youth hostels are up near Harlem. The Youthz can just bus over on 125th. It's awful taking a bus or train from LaGuardia back to Brooklyn though. Also, it's disgusting outside.
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