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Beautiful architecture that narrowly defeats an interior decorator's efforts to ruin it. I'd post more photos of the interior, but it toes the line of Pottery Barn catalog, and I wouldn't want that to be interpreted as an endorsement. I-10 Studio (Wendell Burnett, Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed, etc.) Amangiri Resort Canyon Point, Utah 2013
Hertl-Architekten Gartenhaus Ennsdorf, Austria 2014 1 2 3 4
Uwe Schroeder Haus Hundertacht Bonn, Germany 2006
Rossetti + Wyss Architekten House At Zimmerberg Bottom Zurich 2007
I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac's Tusk for the last three days straight, around 5-8 times per day. For some reason, this one just slipped by me, as I always went straight to Rumours or the eponymous album. There are a couple duds, and the album plays fairly skittish, but some of these songs are just mesmerizing, particularly Stevie's ballads. If it weren't a double album and some of the filler was cut, it would be every bit as good as Rumours.
You're right. It's less of a criticism and more of an expression of pride that your criticism in general is a half step more sophisticated than free association.
Big shout out to the StyleForum Brain Trust for making all this great discussion possible.
Suppose Design Office House For Somber Japanese Lady In Capri Pants Hiroshima, Japan 2013
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