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Where'z my stocking cap?!
Oh, how I've missed your sweet creamy taste. To be with you again, just the two four of us in this moment of passionate weakness.
I've worn Uniqlo tshirts the last two years, but they don't sell the slim version I liked anymore, and their grey color is a flat grey. I like the textured grey look. I still wear Uniqlo's heattech undershirts, which I love.
Can't find the perfect t-shirt. Looking for the crewneck slim fit medium grey slub variety with nothing on it. Where do I find these?
Just cleaned out a 99 cent store for $7.81 worth of stuff made in China.
According to the Surgeon General, they're made of 100% deliciousness.
I looked at the show yesterday and didn't even notice her. Is she a respected model?
I wish you all a very spiteful Valentine's Candy Eve. May you all get to enjoy your favorite gummy heart variety or assorted chocolates tomorrow for 50% off.
New Posts  All Forums: