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Jesus, and I thought my life was pathetic.
Thank God we have a 19-time NBA All Star to publish in the Washington Post to speak on behalf of marginalized Americans against privilege .
It's unfortunate this whole situation has destroyed any remaining faith I had in American voters, because it's sure as hell restoring my faith in reckless bravado.
Yes. Honestly, it's fairly shocking. Until yesterday I was still in the camp of people that figured a Trump nomination couldn't possibly happen, but even if it did the establishment figures and party would forgo endorsing him to save face for the future. But as soon as Christie endorsed him (who's under no urgency to make an endorsement now from what I can tell, unless he wants on the ticket) it's indicative of the fact that the party now sees Trump as the overwhelming...
Banning bad architecture seems more prudent.
Ooh, that's a great resource. Thanks!
I'm looking for some help. A friend of mine is trying to buy a "vintage" gold Rolex with an onyx facing and black leather band. I've found some photos of online of some desirable models, particularly models 1803, 1601, and 16078, but I haven't found any prices. Anybody have any idea what these models (particularly circa 1970 models) go for? Less than mint condition isn't a dealbreaker, but functionality is. We're hoping to find something under $4k. Is that feasible? Sorry...
It's barely tolerable, which is better than most of BIG's projects. I thought the previous version was preferable.
This isn't perfect, but it's unique and interesting. I wish I could find more interior shots. José Cubilla San Francisco Building Asuncion, Paraguay 2013
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