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Just got back from vacation in Charleston. Had a great time.
Meh, I thought that was a pretty decent effort. For a noodle-dicked blogger with a constellation of micro-terrariums on his wall, I couldn't have expected a whole lot more.
Oh, you can be both. Now put a sock in it, doofus.
Of course you wouldn't. You have an awful taste for cheap shit.
Because budgetary restraints aren't an excuse to cut corners. Nobody is rejecting modest budgets. We're rejecting design that doesn't acknowledge them by straying from what can be achieved modestly. This isn't complicated. A modest design should be one that doesn't require replacement of certain aspects if future improvements are made, because it achieves some baseline level of design quality that can be supplemented. It should just be basic, and usually small. On the...
As soon as I saw the wood details in the kitchen I figured the house was put together on a tight budget. It's quite impressive as a makeshift house, although I'd have still done it much differently. I simply hate cutting corners, so I'd keep reducing the size until it was a dog house. Obviously others are different.Steven Harris also did a great vacation house for himself in Croatia. Check it out on his website. He's one of the really underrated residential architects.
Yeah, it's a fun one. I've been using it the last couple months along with this one whenever I'm in the mood for a lush instrumental string sound. They're very different in tone and mood, but I think the audiences between them would crossover to each other. Give it a listen if you haven't.
New Posts  All Forums: