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Yikes. Awful detailing on a house with really good spaces. I'd excuse it on grounds of the difficulty of trying to build something in Iran, but most of the problems are within their control. A clusterfuck of contrasting materials; that stupid tree jammed in the gaps of the pavings; clumsy "look at me" geometry; that shitty "3" graphic on the door, etc...
And can we talk about Asian girls staging photoshoots of themselves on Soho street corners so they can post each other on the internet later and pass it off as field journalism? Shit's the fuckin' worst.
I'm pretty fond of it myself. It just sort of lays it all out there in shameless squalor. It's also pretty beautiful at night under the lights. Broadway in Soho on a Saturday afternoon is what New Yorkers should start hating with the passion they show towards Times Square.
OMG. Dominican parade through midtown.
Paper isn't very study and I like avoiding wet waste. My coffee consumption is also fairly outrageous. I want an industrial scale operation.
$6 cake donuts are a global phenomenon now?
Look on the bright side, Conne. You burnt 3 of those 600 calories by walking there and back.
Was it their blood orange donut by chance? It put them on the map, but I think it's gross.
Anyone make iced coffee at home? Do I actually need one of these pretentious cold brew pots or can I just throw coffee grounds in a glass jar overnight and strain it with steel cloth?
That's Dough. They do the flea market, but they're never as good as the storefront.
New Posts  All Forums: