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That house with the pool is really beautiful, but that's a really perplexing roof detail with the exposed steel channels like that. They're gonna be cleaning iron oxide stains off their deck and patio for the next fifty years unless that area gets no rain at all.
In New York, "unsafe" means there aren't other people around. That can include Soho at 6AM on Sunday, Downtown at 7PM on Tuesday, or Bronx Public Schools from 9AM-3PM Monday to Friday.
Renato Rizzi Shakespearean Theatre Gdansk, Poland 2014
That's certainly not it.
Why haven't I been spending moar thyme on Styleforum?
I ended up buying two pairs, the AKG 702 and the Sennheiser Momentum. Hated the flat sound of the 702's, and it wasn't worth the effort investing in an amp to make them sound better. There was no life to anything I played out of them. The Momentums are pretty good, but well below the sound quality of my broken Audio Technicas. To their credit, the build quality appears much better, but the sound just isn't there for what I paid for them. My ears are fairly large and these...
I can't stop looking at these photos. It's honestly brilliant. The only room that isn't devoutly committed to The Vision is the office, which seems to have been held back from its full potential by the patriarch. But every other room is on board. The attention to detail is everywhere. That arched gate in stone veneer is a gift from God. And the carpeted toilet? I'm hard.
I'd keep it exactly as is so that in twenty years when hipsters have enough money to buy a house they'll fight over the only one on the market ironic enough for their tastes.
Hey guiz, I'm trying to get some high-end headphones for under $250. I've bought two pairs of Audio Technicas ATH-AD 700's that have broken out on me after a year. Needless to say, I want durability to go with sound quality. Here's what I'm looking at: Sennheiser 558 Sennheiser 598 Sennheiser Momentum (Over Ear) AKG 702 AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Philips Fidelio X1 Philips Fidelio L1 Grado SR80i Grado SR225i Any thoughts on the best bang for my buck? Open or closed design...
New Posts  All Forums: