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Jesus, this guy's office is a fucking machine. He's got a new project completed like every month. MK27 (Marcio Kogan) Vitacon Itaim Building São Paulo, Brazil 2014
LoL LoL LoL, France 2015
Mystery? As if the stork might actually be the one delivering stool logs?
Cool story, prudes.
I would prefer all-white too. I'll take this opportunity to recommend Conne's favorite bubble bath*. * female bathing partner not included
It looks pretty clever. I like the wood tray detail. What's it made of?
Fearon Hay Mountain Retreat The Mountains 2008
It's nice to see somebody put lots of effort into a roof detail. Fearon Hay Island Retreat Auckland, NZ 2011
Johann Celsing Woodland Cemetery Crematorium Stockholm, Sweden 2008
Caning is nauseatingly expensive by itself for a dinky dinner chair, but I would guess that the chaise's particularly dense caning and its continuous length over such a big surface area makes it exponentially more expensive and difficult to manufacturer. Considering it requires pretty significant strength to do by hand, and requires such a high level of craft to prevent incongruencies in the texture over such a long and visible continuous weave, I'm guessing they have a...
New Posts  All Forums: