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1. The vast majority of people don't cook [for shit], thus their needs are minimal. Many people (like my mom) have debilitating kitchens due primarily to how unnecessarily large and cluttered they are.2. This would be a fair point if the kitchen hadn't transitioned to the role of primary social space for the typical newly-constructed home. If this were the 19th century, the kitchen would be relegated to utilitarian space outside the view of guests, where it could be as...
No, dumbshit.
These are fine. Fuck the rest.
Show me a kitchen with a tall fridge and I'll tell you why it's shitty.
The one sacrifice I'd feel obligated to make for the sake of design is the large fridge. I'd go with a smaller refrigerator underneath the counter, likely with glass doors. Crouching over to fetch butter is far preferable to having a huge ugly fridge that fucks up all the lines of the room. Since it can only be about 6'3" tall feet, and since suspended cabinets can only be about 5'9" above the finished floor, you're dealing with two incongruent sets of lines. Add a...
I hate most of these kitchens. Even on projects I otherwise love, I'm satisfied with about 10% of them. The owners of these expensive houses all have money and naturally want lots of amenities in theirs, which complicates the space planning further and makes it near impossible to pull off coherently. The kitchens I usually do like the most are very rudimentary, practical shortfalls aside. It makes you wonder how Palladio would have dealt with a dishwater and a convection...
Because it's not made of wallpaper, you stupid fucking moron.
David Chipperfield Valentino Concept Stores 2008-2013 These are the Paris and Milan stores. I was going to post all three of these new stores he did, but his New York store just opened and I can't find a photo set of it for some reason. I'll post some when they're published. It's worth a visit if you're in the area. Paris Milan
Wut? There are retractable enclosures. Check the track in the floor.
I've been going hard on pizza lately (almost twice a week at all the notable pie parlors), and just want to reiterate that Lucali is the best, bar none. Nothing touches it. This guy is the Caravaggio of pizza.
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