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I hate most of these kitchens. Even on projects I otherwise love, I'm satisfied with about 10% of them. The owners of these expensive houses all have money and naturally want lots of amenities in theirs, which complicates the space planning further and makes it near impossible to pull off coherently. The kitchens I usually do like the most are very rudimentary, practical shortfalls aside. It makes you wonder how Palladio would have dealt with a dishwater and a convection...
Because it's not made of wallpaper, you stupid fucking moron.
David Chipperfield Valentino Concept Stores 2008-2013 These are the Paris and Milan stores. I was going to post all three of these new stores he did, but his New York store just opened and I can't find a photo set of it for some reason. I'll post some when they're published. It's worth a visit if you're in the area. Paris Milan
Wut? There are retractable enclosures. Check the track in the floor.
I've been going hard on pizza lately (almost twice a week at all the notable pie parlors), and just want to reiterate that Lucali is the best, bar none. Nothing touches it. This guy is the Caravaggio of pizza.
Arthur Casas AL House Praia de São Conrado, Brazil 2013
I know. They need to Live Honestly.
As opposed to The Sartorialist or Tommy Ton, who will walk around taking photos of fashionable people in the streets, these types (usually Asian girls) will pose in the street for each other as if the photo was coincidental. They'll hold bags and iced coffees and briefcase to make it seem as if they were caught in a normal moment of daily life by an actual street fashion photographer and then they'll change outfits and find another cobbled street corner to shoot another...
Yikes. Awful detailing on a house with really good spaces. I'd excuse it on grounds of the difficulty of trying to build something in Iran, but most of the problems are within their control. A clusterfuck of contrasting materials; that stupid tree jammed in the gaps of the pavings; clumsy "look at me" geometry; that shitty "3" graphic on the door, etc...
New Posts  All Forums: