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I've worn Uniqlo tshirts the last two years, but they don't sell the slim version I liked anymore, and their grey color is a flat grey. I like the textured grey look. I still wear Uniqlo's heattech undershirts, which I love.
Can't find the perfect t-shirt. Looking for the crewneck slim fit medium grey slub variety with nothing on it. Where do I find these?
Just cleaned out a 99 cent store for $7.81 worth of stuff made in China.
According to the Surgeon General, they're made of 100% deliciousness.
I looked at the show yesterday and didn't even notice her. Is she a respected model?
I wish you all a very spiteful Valentine's Candy Eve. May you all get to enjoy your favorite gummy heart variety or assorted chocolates tomorrow for 50% off.
These are my favorite Haribo product yet, and let me tell you, I've tried a lot.
It's Cherry Season!
What scent do you use? I got citrus orange and almond.
New Posts  All Forums: