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Andersson Wise Architects House Big Fork, Montana 2014
Andersson Wise Architects Cabin Flathead Lake, Montana 2016
Pedro Reyes & Carla Fernandez Home (for themselves) Mexico City 2016
I'm back on Styleforum after a long break! Gotta catch up with all my pals!
It looks like that excessively sober brand of modernism that Germany and the Netherlands are neck deep in.
Yeah, this is great.
I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but if you get on Itunes or the Podcast app for Iphones/Ipads, there is a podcast from the Louisiana Museum in Denmark that has an episode (#61) which is an untitled documentary on Zumthor that runs an entire hour. He's wearing the same shirt in the documentary as the one picture shows. I actually watched it about a month ago. I'm guessing it's worth watching if you're searching for this other...
I suspect there are a couple more around town, but surely not because the experiment warranted a second or third chance.
This afternoon I was in the Delancey St. subway station and decided to use their bathroom next to the F platform (I know). I went in and peed at the urinal while some homeless guy was in the stall, probably doing drugs. It smelled like dead livestock inside, but for some reason I felt like I should flush the urinal after peeing to sort of start the process of hygiene, hoping some good karma would bring cleanliness to the rest of the bathroom. Bad, bad idea. Water came...
Roz Barr Pool House Somewhere In, Spain 2015
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