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Studio HA Zen House Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2015
FAS(t) architectural bureau Guest & Bath House Moscow Oblast, Russia 2015
Jose Juan Rivera Rio Casa Caucaso Mexico City 2015
Yeah, pretty shocking. She was just on Desert Island Discs a few weeks ago and sounded as endearingly grumpy as ever. I had mixed feelings about her work, but what she accomplished by the age of 65 was insane. Play on, playa.
Sergio Fanego Fanego House Ascunsion Paraguay 2003 --- --- --- ---
Jesus, and I thought my life was pathetic.
Thank God we have a 19-time NBA All Star to publish in the Washington Post to speak on behalf of marginalized Americans against privilege .
It's unfortunate this whole situation has destroyed any remaining faith I had in American voters, because it's sure as hell restoring my faith in reckless bravado.
Yes. Honestly, it's fairly shocking. Until yesterday I was still in the camp of people that figured a Trump nomination couldn't possibly happen, but even if it did the establishment figures and party would forgo endorsing him to save face for the future. But as soon as Christie endorsed him (who's under no urgency to make an endorsement now from what I can tell, unless he wants on the ticket) it's indicative of the fact that the party now sees Trump as the overwhelming...
New Posts  All Forums: