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I click on an individual photo in each project's page and then it should open in the window (with flash I believe) and it lets me save the image as a png file. It always saves the image with the file name "canvas" which will give me white blocks of blank space on the side. Then I go into Microsoft paint and crop them. FYI, I'm using the Mozilla Firefox browser. If I remember correctly, it was difficult to save them with Chrome. Not sure if Internet Explorer is easier....
Antonio da Sangallo the Younger Palazzo Farnese Rome 1517
Gunnar Martinsson & Wolfgang Huebner Storkällan Chapel Stockholm, Sweden 1970
His idea that Trump has a 30% chance of winning seems ridiculous to me. I can't help but think he's trying to keep people coming to his website by pretending there's a reason to. The electoral map is brutal for Trump. I can't see him breaking through in PA, which looks essential.
Lazzarini Pickering Architetti Via Gulia Apartment (Renovation) Rome, Italy 2005
http://divisare.com/ ^ My favorite. If you go to the selected projects portion of the site (http://divisare.com/selected-projects), you can search for projects based on all sorts of criteria, and they have some curated groups of projects. You can also make an account and save projects to different folders you set up. http://www.subtilitas.site/ ^ A good Tumblr site that a lot of these come from. http://www.dezeen.com/ ^ Newly published projects. This is where the...
I haven't seen drawings to confirm, but the wood is typically mortared with cement, so there is no more exposure to bugs than a typical wood rainacreen. Typically, the wood is uncoated so that it retains its vapor permeability, but depending on whether additional insulation was required, they may have created a non-permeable wall by coating them in something. FYI, this type of construction is called cordwood construction.
Andersson Wise Architects House Big Fork, Montana 2014
Andersson Wise Architects Cabin Flathead Lake, Montana 2016
Pedro Reyes & Carla Fernandez Home (for themselves) Mexico City 2016
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