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David Adjaye Carriage House New York 2009
Studio HA Zen House Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2015
FAS(t) architectural bureau Guest & Bath House Moscow Oblast, Russia 2015
Jose Juan Rivera Rio Casa Caucaso Mexico City 2015
Yeah, pretty shocking. She was just on Desert Island Discs a few weeks ago and sounded as endearingly grumpy as ever. I had mixed feelings about her work, but what she accomplished by the age of 65 was insane. Play on, playa.
Sergio Fanego Fanego House Ascunsion Paraguay 2003 --- --- --- ---
Jesus, and I thought my life was pathetic.
Thank God we have a 19-time NBA All Star to publish in the Washington Post to speak on behalf of marginalized Americans against privilege .
It's unfortunate this whole situation has destroyed any remaining faith I had in American voters, because it's sure as hell restoring my faith in reckless bravado.
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