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Cuomo fucking blew this one badly. He closes the subway without realizing the trains are forced to keep operating to keep the tracks cleared, and now people are just getting stranded because there are no transportation options. Of course, we're getting less than 1/2 of the predicted snow accumulation. Had he not blown his shit and preemptively called this the end of days like a big fucking hero, the entire city could have run normally overnight. Spreading 10-14 inches of...
This is going to be so underwhelming when we get a foot of snow. There's zero chance we get to 24" much less 36".
Bjork isn't on radio, and I don't think she's on tv, so all I know about her is stuff like this, which might accompany a magazine article I won't read about her. Admittedly, I'm probably just not a Bjork person. I'm still trying to come to terms with liking Kate Bush.
┬┐Why I not getz invite.
I don't think I've ever even listened to a Bjork song. She's one of those artists who I recognize exists, but no promotional image I've seen of her has ever made me feel like I need to know what she exists for. I might have to see what she's been up to for the last...forever.
So I had a pair of boots re-soled by a cobbler in NYC about a year and a half ago. This piece of the welt came off in the cold weather last week. 1) Can this be quickly reattached or does it require a full replacement of the sole and welt? 2) If the latter, do I need work done on both shoes to assure they're level and evenly worn? 3) Does this indicate any particular error on the cobbler's part that should make me think twice about going back to him? 4) Am I entitled...
Expressing foolish pride to live here, but that's about it.
Someone married you?!
That house with the pool is really beautiful, but that's a really perplexing roof detail with the exposed steel channels like that. They're gonna be cleaning iron oxide stains off their deck and patio for the next fifty years unless that area gets no rain at all.
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