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WMR Arquitectos Till House El Arco, Chile 2014
GUNKANJIMA (2008-2012) Photos by Yves Marchard and Romain Meffre In the South China Sea, 15 kilometers off the southwest coast of Nagasaki among the thousands of verdant landmasses that surround Japan, lies a mysterious island. With the geometric silhouette of a dark gray hull, perforated by hundreds of small windows, the island resembles a battleship. As one moves closer, approaching by sea, the figure takes shape again and the ghost ship turns into a block of concrete...
Dom Hans Van Der Laan Saint Benedict Abbey Maastricht, Netherlands 1968
Alain Carle Architecte House Quebec 2017
Lund Hagem Ski Cabin Geilo, Norway 2016
Is traffic in that forum down as much as it appears to be? If you go back to like page 150 or so of the forum there seems to be significantly more discussion than today. The fact that Donald Trump just got elected President and yet there are only like five threads that people have said something in is pretty depressing. It should be a zoo in there.
Am I the only person that really hates how the Current Events forum is structured right now? I've come back after a long absence and basically all the discussion is consolidated into a bunch of long "topical" threads. Relative to five years ago, the board is a graveyard with like ten posters who just toss one liners back and forth. The problem is that when you open the forum, you never know what people are specifically talking about, and it makes immediate, targeted...
Luis Barragan Casa Pedregal Somewhere, Mexico 1949
The problem with new classical architecture is that it always pales in comparison with prewar efforts. If you have the money and want classical architecture, you just buy the existing stuff, because it's fucking gorgeous, intricate, and formally-literate in the way new construction can't be (due to codes and labor/material costs) and the chance to inherit the patina of an older home is priceless. When it comes to the value of a dollar, great modern architecture is cheaper...
Try Robert Stern's website. He's still one of the better traditional home architects practicing today, and all the home exteriors are pretty true to historical standards. His interiors can get a little too bastardized with contemporary "traditional" fare, but it's not a terrible place to start.
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