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BUMP with a price drop. Item is now on sale on Ebay... someone snag right away!!
Bump with a price drop!! A fantastic condition pair of shoes at a price that someone needs to buy NOW!
Bump again with a huge price drop... this briefcase is selling for more than half of the cost compared to buying at retail... jump on it NOW!!!
Bump with a price drop... amazing price for these shoes... grab em before someone else does!
Bump with a price drop.... amazing price for this beautiful briefcase... won't last long!
Item is now listed on Ebay. I hope someone picks it up here soon! Helps me avoid Ebay fees =)
Glad this made it to your list! Hopefully someone will snag this beautiful Briefcase soon!!
Duplicate thread. Please delete.
Selling a beautiful Ermenegildo Zegna briefcase. It is a one pocket briefcase. Selling because I am no longer a business professional. This is truly a beautiful briefcase. Has a few slight scratches in the back.
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