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$270 shipped for both!!!
Big price drop! $350 shipped for BOTH SUITS!!!!!!
Bumping up along with a HUGE PRICE DROP!!!!
Hello, Currently up for sale is (2) beautiful Burberry London suits. I am unfortunately, no longer in a business that requires me to wear these beautiful suits. Therefore, it only makes sense for me to sell the majority of them. I bought these suits approximately 4 years ago, and they are still in great condition today with a few minor imperfections. Retail price for these suits are certainly very expensive! Navy Blue with Dark & Light Blue Stripes (38S) Jacket: Chest -...
Hello. I'm selling a set of (5) Express Design Studio Ties. I'm looking to sell them all in one transaction and ship all of these to one person. Only selling for $49 shipped! All of the ties are in great condition except for the 5th one to the right. There is slight fraying on the lower left edge of the tie. Great set of ties for first time suit wearers! Please PM me if you are looking to buy, thanks.
Hello All! I've recently landed a new job that no longer requires me to wear suits. For the past year, these have just been sitting in my closet. I'm going to start off by selling a few selected ties in my closet and go through these first. They've been great to me, but it's time to let go. If I ever do get another gig in the future that requires suits, then it'll be shopping time again! Listed from left to right. 1. Versace - (Light silver with line patterns) - $65...
$60 for all 3? Can we see pictures please, interested. Thanks.
Price dropped to $24 shipped. Buddha; thanks. Since I posted it here already, I'll keep it here for now.
Hey guys. If you take a look at my posts, you'll see that I'm selling a lot of my small sized clothes because I can no longer fit them after doing extensive weight training. Up for sale is a 7-Diamond Dark Grey polo shirt... absolutely PIMPING! This shirt looks great for a night out! I'm really upset about selling this one because I wished I had gotten a Medium. Letting go for $28 > $24 shipped CONUS. I believe this shirt retails at Metropark for $79.50. There is a...
Price drop to $26 shipped.
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