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Hey all, bought these from another forum member. These jeans have been worn twice by previous owner and cold soaked once - they are basically new. Unhemmed. Tagged 31 (length 36), actual post-soak waist measures 15 1/2" aligned (they will probably stretch 1/2" to 1"). TRADED Don't sleep, these should go quick!
drop, zara wool/silk jacket for $36, buyyyyy ittttttt
nbplano, it's a couple years old i think, def not a recent purchase. also, 5% drop Quote: Originally Posted by nbmplano Do you know when the zara jacket was purchased from the store? Trying to figure out if it is the same jacket to match pair of trousers that I purchased about four or so months ago.
Only Zara jacket remains, drop to $40
drops, buy my stuffs!
Zara jacket, wool/silk blend (84%/16%). Tagged 38. Has been taken in around midsection. $50 > $45 > $40 > $38 > $36 shipped CONUS shoulder: 17.5" p-p: 19.75" length: 29" sleeve: 25.25" *** Ralph Lauren Black Label, very nice slim fit, worn and washed only once, but I lost some weight and have too many shirts anyway. Tagged 15.5. $75 > SOLD *** H&M slim fit shirts, sold as a lot (unless you buy one of the other items - PM me). Tagged...
Final drop. On Friday I will donate this cardigan to charity so a homeless man can wrap himself in cashmere this xmas.
Aggressive price drop for quick sale!
droppp for a nice warm cardigan
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