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Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic I'm interested in the pattern under the collar thing - this sounds bizarre. I suspect some cult spreading their sacred symbol throughout the world for some no-good purpose. That's the most likely explanation for it being non-optional. Hah. I like that theory. Here are a few photos.
After washing and ironing, the fit is much better, though a little too tight around the neck/shoulders, and with arms a little too short. With a few adjustments I think the fit of the next shirt could be fine. The buttons still suck and the pattern under the collar is still absurd. I can take photos if there is interest....
I ordered a shirt from them back on February 25. It arrived today. So far I am underwhelmed. First the good. They're very fast "” less than two weeks from order to delivery. I placed an order from mytailor.com on the same day; that site currently estimates my shirt will be sent out on April 24. So no comparison on speed. And they got the details I asked for correct. The fabric was not great. I ordered "Match Point," a blue and white striped cotton fabric. It was a...
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