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Oh, and I have a pair; unlike most Allen-Edmonds on me, there's not too much room in the toebox. They definitely fit tighter than many AE models, so you might have to size up a little.
I'm a big fan of the Campbell, but when I asked about them last week at the Shoe Bank was told they're being discontinued. They're one of AE's handsewn models, made in Maine. Fully recraftable. You can find them for a little less ($150ish) on Amazon or Endless.
I just picked up a pair of these Peals made by C&J on sale for $244. The website is out of my size, but the store was able to order them for me.
For a while the picture of the second one (the blue two-button with patch pockets) wasn't loading, so it looked like there were two instead of three.
I just ran across this Glaser Designs flattop bag on ebay, currently under $400. (I am not affiliated with the seller.) Tempted to bid myself, but the bag is black.... ebay link Edit: now sold.
Thanks, order placed. (Though it said "1 left" both before and after I placed my order, so who knows.)
Quote: Originally Posted by bright fight haha.. But guys come on enough with the sarcasm, people might actually think you are really complaining about this shirt. It looks great! bright fight, no sarcasm, I am complaining; I feel like I was ripped off. I bought a shirt that, because of the collar fabric, which is not shown on the web site, I cannot wear to work. I will not be purchasing from the site again, which is a shame because...
I just picked up three boxes of these at the Beltsville, Maryland location. They have a few dozen boxes left in aisle 105, in the housewares. Not on an endcap. As someone mentioned, they have been reduced in price to $9.97 per box, so under $5 a pair. I couldn't find them myself and had to ask at the customer service desk where they were; in the computer they were marked as "pending delete," so I suspect they'll be gone soon.
Is there a listing somewhere of what Costcos these have been spotted in? (In particular, any probability of finding these in any of the DC-area Costcos?)
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic I'm interested in the pattern under the collar thing - this sounds bizarre. I suspect some cult spreading their sacred symbol throughout the world for some no-good purpose. That's the most likely explanation for it being non-optional. Hah. I like that theory. Here are a few photos.
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