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Quote: Originally Posted by Shiny Was at the Marshalls in Pentagon City. They had 2 RL Purple label navy solid suits for $999. MSRP is/was 2695 according to the tag. One was a 44L and the other was a 40R (i think). I actually saw three or four of these yesterday, including a 42L I might have bought if it had not had a tiny tear near the left shoulder.
I grabbed this on Gilt and it turned out to be too large for my arm. Reselling for the $62 I paid. Thanks!
Love the boots. Do you know what last they are?
Just got some wonderful chukkas from dv3. Quick shipment, great communication; he even offered to deliver them personally instead of mailing them (which, for timing reasons, did not work out). Would happily purchase from again.
Beautiful chukkas. PM sent.
Oh wait, I see what you mean. I always assumed that button was not attached but was part of a cuff link.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird's One View No, but it can be converted to a convertible cuff by adding a button. I don't understand. Do you mean the placket button?
Isn't this just another name for a convertible cuff?
Um, yea. Thanks for that, doctorstyle. What, did Cliff kick your puppy?
I couldn't get used to wearing mine and stopped doing so pretty quickly, but I'm definitely in the minority among MIT grads.
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