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Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Why are Macs so limited in RAM? Who cares - they are superior because steve jobs says so. Buy one now, sheep.
I agree with the spikes. Reverse spikes in this case might be best, as to prevent vibration from the speakers transmitting to the turntables. Spikes stop vibrations from travelling towards the pointed end.. if that makes sense. So if you set the speakers on spikes pointing upwards, the vibrations from the speakers would not travel into the table. Spikes pointing downwards would allow the speakers to dissipate vibrations into the table, but not vibrations from the table...
I just recently went through a couple of budget Phono Pre-amps to suit my system, as its not easy to pick one. I actually really did not like the Bellari or any of the other affordable tube preamps.. I found that they excessively colored the sound. I ended up moving towards solid state and found that most of the budget solid state preamps were okay for MM, but not MC. I run a Grado Sonata and Ortofon Kontrapunkt "A" carts, one is MM (well, moving iron) and the other MC. I...
The Watchmen Palestine Batman: The Dark Knight Returns League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Graphic Novels all the way.
I have the same Corsair PSU and Caviar Black HD as you. NCIX FTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Paul Stubblebine and Keith Johnson are building a new half-speed lathe for Reference Recordings's upcoming vinyl releases. You just have to admire the dedication it takes to do this. http://referencerecordings.blogspot....ubblebine.html --Andre That's pretty awesome.
Best value for turntable IMO for price/performance is to buy a used TT like a Dual from a vintage record shop. There are usually a few of these in bigger cities at least around here. I bought a nice Dual 704 with an older but good-sounding Shure cartridge on it for $100, and it outperformed by Pro-Ject Debut II that i had at the time that came with the lousy Ortofon OM5 cartridge, and that TT cost much more.
Usually not, but I have experienced in the past with Fedex (on occasion) when the recipient does not pay the customs bill, which was sometimes sent AFTER the package was delivered rather than simultaneously, then Fedex will come back to the shipper and request payment. Don't know if this still happens, as it has been a few years since I've seen that.
10. Life is great. Recent got married to a wonderful and beautiful woman, and I love the house I've been in for the last couple of years. We plan to do some renovations to it as soon as we get the time to do so and that makes me excited. Great friends to spend time with, and more hobbies that I can shake a stick at that make me happy. Usually do about 2-3 vacations a year which are a great opportunity to wind down. While the downturn has stunted my financial growth...
Drive a 2010 Benz usually, picked up a 2008 Bentley GTC last week. Thinking about getting a 2010 RR Ghost in a couple of months.
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