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Those look nice. Who makes them?
Love that cardigan. Sincere question though- are the shoulders supposed to fit like that? Thanks.
I'd like to start making nice pocket squares for myself and friends and maybe sell a few on the side (here and maybe eBay). I've searched online for good quality white linen to start with, but haven't found anything that looks promising. Can anyone help? Anybody know where I can get some? Thanks!
That's the one! Thanks!From Manton:"I suppose this is good a place as any to make a point that needs to be made. There is no need for the groom, his best man, and his ushers to match in every respect from neck to toe. In fact, it looks silly. Take a look at pictures from very elegant weddings in prior years, and you see that in fact the wedding party does not match.Among its other problems, all-matching wedding parties just scream “rented clothes!” Certainly if the dress...
Manton had an excellent article on Wedding Attire that talked specifically about not having the groomsmen all match. It used to be found here: The article also used to be here: It even was listed here at one point: All these links to the article are dead now. It's...
I can't tell from the pics- are they in wood trees as well?
From what I saw it seemed like it started here: post#9749- after that it all goes on for several pages
Thanks for this! I loved Vox's Coherent Combinations thread. It was one of the best ever on here that I have read.
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