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Quote: Originally Posted by nomovement fuck a Bunch of jackspade and jcrew. I'm very dissapointed in sf right now-those sugestions are way too safe and blase'. here, I got you topped. The old leathersmith for prada has started their own company. the details are minimal, and the leather is matted and stiff. you can also order from I like the cube briefand the vintage...
I wouldn't. One, I think it looks tacky - it's very hard to find a good one. Two, seating on them is terrible - it feels bad on the skin, it gets really hot in the summer, and really cold in the inter.
RO makes excellent bags.
If you are in any more or less large metropolitan area, just go to a discount store. You don't need to pay those prices, moreover that the whole "designer" denim idea is bullshit.
Guidi (formerly Guidi & Rosselini) is one of the best leather tanneries left in Tuscany. They have done work for Poell and Carpe Diem. There are in the process of revamping, so nothing on their website yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Thanks John, What a great posting, with pictures too. It makes me wonder why ever buy "Fashion Label Designer Shoes? I know the answer of course is that some people like the trendy designs and are partial to some designers. I'm lucky in that I have no desire for the shoes that you have gone over, and after reading your post and seeing your pictures, I doubt I will in the future. AE's and Alsen's are trendy enough for me....
Sidecar is my drink of choice. Not many places make a good one, though. As a matter of fact, it has become my barman test when I try a new place out. There are different ways to do it, my favorite is with cognac, contreau, and lemon juice. other substitutes are brandy instead of cognac, and triple sec instead of contreau.
Wow, you guys don't skimp on your hotels. Anyway, since money looks like no-object to this thread, some trendier places are, I also highly recommend this website for unordinary hotels worldwide.
Quote: Originally Posted by malek Lol, all in one word! Well personaly I feel that I have more energy when I work out and I'm always motivated by my improving shape... I mean when I started to have some muscles I was kinda proud cuz it felt like a small achievement. And now I'm more comfortable with my body and I'm free to wear whatever I want... This is very important. agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 That's a pretty warm fragrance, I use Santal Noble instead of htat. I didn't know Annick Goutal makes men's perfume. I always by Petite Cherie for my wife, but never seen the men's. It makes sense though.
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