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Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. In theory this makes all the sense in the world, in practice however it would be a disaster. One of the main reasons socialism is still in vogue in France is because they don't shoulder the true economic cost of such action. Think for a second if the American public was burdened with additional taxation to support the programs you'd no doubt champion. If across the board household cash flows shrunk would this lead to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Fabulous. Do you know what the writing on the snake says? It says something like, "The Snake forever breathes evil; therefore give it a bayonet under its ribs." Hmm, do snakes have ribs? Anyway, to answer the original question, I am anti American style of capitalism. I think there should be a fusion of socialist policies by the government and capitalist economy. This day and age there should...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I think that that's a little unfair. They don't carry the really high end stuff, but they have solid mix of moderately priced brands like 5EP, Engineered Garments, and Spruce (W+H now) that you don't find at discount stores (or if you do, PM me, because I would like to go to those stores.) I'll agree that the selection is not really adventurous. I see it as sort of an East Coast American Rag - used to be a great...
Got my tickets to London! Chelsea v. Liverpool - here I come!!
I never understood the appeal. Everything in that store is overpriced hipsterwear that you can find in discount stores. They tried to bring some real designers once, but it never worked.
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni It's a nice jacket, however, have you considered a knee length wool overcoat also? Not in herringbone. The whole point of my hunt was to find a classic luxurious pattern in a modern cut. I already have a knee-length coat - I think that's a perfect cut for a man. I may want to get another one in black.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Please tell me this is a typo! yes, fixed
I actually like the sleeves like that. I'd rather have them the right length when walking or extending my arms rather when having my arms down. Besides, with gloves on I think it'll look perfect.
i'll give you treefiddy...
afraid it's here to stay for a while.
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