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afraid it's here to stay for a while.
Got this Neil Barrett jacket last week. I like the classic herringbone wool pattern spiced up by a modern cut. And, yea, wishful thinking, indeed - I'm so sick of this disgusting NYC summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by chicagobull What are your guys' thoughts on dating taller women? Have you ever done it, did you feel emasculated in any way, did you notice people staring, was sex awkward, is there a limit to a woman's height that you would not date taller than, etc..? The reason I am asking is because I am intrigued (nothing is inevitable) by a girl who is considerably taller than me (3-4 inches), but have never dated a girl who was taller...
IWC is the shit. It's the one brand that I may one day consider buying a watch from (other stuff I love, like Breguet is simply and will always be out of my league). Like others suggested, stay away from lower models with quartz movement, get an automatic. It's a classicly designed, masculine watch. A lot of them are on the larger side.
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeinSoCal Mach 3 power nitro I almost went with the fusion, but i liked the way my regular mach 3 did its job. After shaving with the M3 power, i ask myself why i went so long going without the batteried version. Meh, this is the real M3 power!!!
a complete brake set for my car. I hate buying things I need :-(
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade I have a 35-36 inch chest and was wondering if a size M Yoko Deveraux tee would fit me because they are out of smalls. I like things fitted more or less so any hlep would be appreciated. I have one, and it's regular fit. It's not slim, so it might be a little big on you.
bought some dirt cheap bedding from W hotels store on some super-dooper clearance sale... a queen size flat sheet and two pillow cases $25 shipped...
Do you guys know if Trumper is much cheaper in the UK, the way Kielh's is much cheaper in the US? I'm going to London in a month - I wouldn't mind stacking up.
If you are in NYC, they have semi-annual sample sales. I've never been, but I'd imagine the prices are dirt cheap.
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