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Quote: Originally Posted by WatchGuy I have been looking for something between a sneaker and business casual shoe to wear with jeans/khakis. What do you think of these? Stylish or dorky? I'll trade'em for your IWC.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoMak_NYC Are there any jeans out there that accentuate bowlegs? Seems that there are some women out there that fall for this. John Galliano. Dirk Schonberger also makes banana cut, but he rarely (if ever) makes denim.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo What's the most you guys think something like this should go for? I'd pay $200 if someone was twisting both of my arms.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Faust I understand you may read the financial section of the NYT from time to time but I think you should stick to reviewing clothing ensembles. The reason the middle class is shrinking in relative terms is because the upper class is getting larger, more people than ever are gaining wealth well beyond their parents and peers of generations past. I wonder if you read at all.
FVCK NO! $500 for Theory - that's an insult to your wallet. You can easily get a Costume National or a Neil Barrett leather jacket in that range if you are willing to wait and hunt.
Quote: Originally Posted by JET ^That stinks, sorry to hear. Just ordered a plush top queen size w hotel mattress, should be here in a couple more days. Does the coupon still work?
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Neocon favorite? What does that have to do with anything? The UK has its own problems with public health, just ask some of our members. Specialized health care and booking surgeries in places like Canada is a nightmare, thus the reason more and more Canadians are paying up to have work done in the States. Lets take prescription drugs. What would happen if the US decided, like Canada, to place bulk orders for drugs...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 I have dealt with national health personally in the UK. It is a NIGHTMARE. p.s. Socialism sucks big fat donkey balls. Try dealing with it in the US and then tell me what's a bigger nightmare, waiting for surgery or not having one at all because you don't have health insurance. US hospitals are in huge disarray, and people are being squeezed more and more for health insurance out of pocket. In case you...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I'll I'm trying to point out is that in isolation what France does makes sense to a lot of people but placed within the confines of reality it has been a disaster. Unemployment is skyrocketing, unions are strong-arming business thus stagnating growth, GDP per person has remained flat, labor costs are out of control... It's funny how capitalist proponents are quick to single out France. I was talking about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stax my league doesn't draft until after the preseason games have ended. Same, I actually set it up so in my league. I hate it when one of your starters goes down in preaseason.
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