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Quote: Originally Posted by mussel Hermes sale: Wed. 8/23/06 2PM-6PM Thu. 824/06 10PM-8PM Fri. 8/25/06 10pm-6PM Sat. 8/26/06 10PM-4PM Met. Pavillion 123 W 18 St. may the force be with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoMak_NYC Was not impressed. Tons of suits, not a shit load of anything else. The Loehmans around the corner had nicer shit. Doubt I'll even go back for teh last days. 2nd. Went yesterday - total trash.
Quote: Originally Posted by muelleran I find it very entertaining to browse through the list of "Fragrance Houses": Bally, Cigar Afficionado, Baywatch, Jaguar, Salvador Dali, Swiss Army, Ferrari, Lamborghini.. Missing are Volkswagen, Credit Suisse, Légion Etrangère, Ukraine International Airlines, UC Berkeley, BearingPoint, Sony..... I think government should start doing perfumes to boost revenues. Imperial, by the United...
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod For me the numero uno is Barney's. I'd really want to like the store because it has pretty nice stuff but everytime I go there the customer service is so bad. I get better customer service at the Banana Republic or Gap. I feel that when you are at that price point, you are selling customer service. Bergdorf Men's is starting to creep up my annoyance list for the same reason. Barneys on Madison? Really? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by pacioli Pink selvedge Levi's Capital E pre-distressed 501s: $59. No fitting rooms so bring a tape measure. And some Rogans, non-selvedge, alongside a bunch of designer jeans. Hmmm, tempting. I need a new pair of everyday jeans. Thanks for the info. Were ther any in sz. 32?
J, I'd go with the knock off in a flash. These "classics" have become so ubiquitous that there is no sense any more to pay the extra premium for the name, the store's Soho rent, and the cost of shipping from Italy. By the way, does the idea of the commoness of these pieces not turn you off? Just curious. I'm personally kinda tired of seeing all these Barcelona chairs, Noguchi tables, and such... By the way, I propose to rename DWR into DOR - Design WithOut Reach,...
Quote: Originally Posted by JET Yissur saved 341 bones, enough for my margiela shirt haha. Good man!
Quote: Originally Posted by WatchGuy I have been looking for something between a sneaker and business casual shoe to wear with jeans/khakis. What do you think of these? Stylish or dorky? I'll trade'em for your IWC.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoMak_NYC Are there any jeans out there that accentuate bowlegs? Seems that there are some women out there that fall for this. John Galliano. Dirk Schonberger also makes banana cut, but he rarely (if ever) makes denim.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo What's the most you guys think something like this should go for? I'd pay $200 if someone was twisting both of my arms.
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