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Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Doh, faust, where were you with that code 4 hours ago? Way I see it, you owe me $20. Hah! trentlane, JCrew uses some cashmere that Loro Piana does, don't tell this to people in the menswear forum, though
Check this out - JCrew is having a fall sale + another 30% off, and the women's section has some cashmere stuff. JCrew has by far the best cashmere from the chain stores. ou can also use code: NV-469 for $20 off $100 (exp. 11/21/06)
Dior Homme has the longest inseam I've ever seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD can someone check for women's acne jeans? any info on size 27 pairs would be very appreciative. I know there is a rack, but I didn't see the sizes. I'll check next time I go.
works for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Norvegese is a shoe construction method. oopsey, i guess i have more to learn here...
It's something like Norvege, or Norvece, or something like that. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beckwith Crazy thing...it was is a suit. I know the rep Gian Luca gets, but it is a nice suit. Good fit and for $160, can't really go wrong. agreed. i picked one up last time for $199 marked down from $1200 - 3 button, gorgeous shade of very dark olive, super 100's, can't complain. i don't wear suits, but needed one for an interview, trade shows, and it was a great buy.
What are the heavy duti ones with RR on them? Rick Owens and Ann Dem. use them on their outerwear. Are they riri as well, just with a different stamp? Cloaks uses some company called RMS, or MRS, or something like that, I forgot exactly (have to go home and look). I'm guessing they are a step down in terms of quality?
I hate peacoats.
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