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Blank, what's your budget - it's the most important thing that you haven't posted. I can tell you right now - brace yourself, looking for a rental in New York is not for the faint of hearted. You will be working in Midtown, so Park Slope will be at least 30min. commute. If you can wing a place in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill, it is the best - the right mixture of funky and interesting. Personally, I think Williamsburg is overrun with hipster trust fund...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 No different in Europe. Africa maybe? While I can't speak for Stella, Dutch beers such as Heineken and Amstel taste MUCH better in Holland than they do in the US.
Bump. So, going to Antwerp in two weeks - envy me!!! :-) What should I buy?
Rosemont Shiraz. Will even leave you money to buy a corkscrew.
You are welcome.
I thought you guys might enjoy this. Sorry if a repost, but a quick search turned up nothing. http://video.men.style.com/?fr_story...bfd58899&rf=bm
/\\ so yeast killing is true? that blows. no wonder it tastes so much better in europe. I will try Rochefort 6, since you guys are twisting my arm into it!
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre I don't think the whole killing the yeast is true (as homebrewers here in the USA are known to cull yeast from various Belgian beers for their own purposes) but IMHO the taste difference may have to do with the way the beer is stored and transported... On the cheese, thankfully igourmet.com stocks a few Chimay cheeses. Naturally I love the beer-washed Chimay Trappiste If the 10 was too bitter, try the 6. It is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Young I was in Brussels a few weeks ago and picked up a few bottles of Chimay Grande Reserve 2001. Had one last week... amazing. I'd never seen it in the States before. Yep, I picked one up when I was in Antwerp in '03. I still use the bottle as a candle holder :-). BTW, I have consistently found Belgian beer to taste much better... well, in Belgium (or in Holland). I asked a beer store owner from whom...
Quote: Originally Posted by soultek Also, something that hasn't been brought up is the fact that lots of these designers have accent pieces in their collection that are never intended to be big sellers off the racks (or don't even make the racks as some pointed out). Sometimes retailers will carry these pieces to more completely present the designer's vision to the customer, even though most of what is bought are the more wearable...
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