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Wanted to bump this up. Any more recent positive/negative experiences? Thinking of a present to a friend of mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Yes, they've been fine. I haven't had the waist on jackets altered too significantly, however. Thank you. Sounds good enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Goldstein Where does Blancpain rank? Is it in the same league as Vacheron or Audemars? Affirmative. Isn't their motto, "We'll never make an automatic watch?" (or a quartz watch? something along those lines).
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I'm still using Cardelino, but I think they're closed right now for a few weeks. I dropped off a Zileri Sartoriale suit and five pairs of pants recently, for pickup in September. The suit needed essentially zero alterations, just buttonholes and hemming. I have not used them for complicated alterations. FWIW, I think that hemming is $12 at Cardelino, while cuffing is $14 and taking in the sides would be...
Any updates on this thread? I need to send a friend who just bought a suit, and I'd hate to give him a bad recommendation, but I also don't want him to drop an unreasonable amount of money. He needs pants hemmed (no cuffs), and jacket taken in at the waist.
1. You definitely need slimmer pants, as others pointed out. Straight leg, slim fit (not to be confused with skinny), will do fine. You don't need to spend a lot of money for that, Uniqlo jeans will do just fine (might need to pony up more for pants). 2. I suggest looking into getting different footwear. I much prefer shoes with laces (I hate moccasins and such). Maybe a pair of nice boots instead of the sneakers would make a casual outfit more dressed up without...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet faust when will the site be back? Hey. I took it back this morning. It was a week of bloodshed, but I now have the site intact at a new web host. Thank you for asking.
On a flip side, think of others' ignorance as a blessing for your wallet. I cannot count how many times I have gotten extreme bargains in places like YOOX, Barneys warehouse, consignment stores, etc. Of course, I feel special going to a niche store, because the store owner and I have affinity in terms of aesthetics and such, but my wallet feels much better scoring something amazing to my eyes that to others looks like nothing special. That's where brands can have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Look at the Battistoni's while you're at it - they just stocked a bunch of 'Cucita a Mano's, which are a different animal than the regular ties. I don't have all the Carlo Franco lingo down, but ties are lined and the silks are nicer - heavier and textured. A few are self-tipped, and I grabbed a 4-fold! Never seen them before.... Yes, I noticed those. IIRC, they were also in $35 territory. I liked a...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Lots of suits half off at century 21. 500 isaias in a few sizes, plus others. Gentlemen, don't forget a matching ISAIA tie while at Century. I was shopping for a present today, and I saw plenty of them discounted to $35 - they are all the way on the left, if you facing the tie wall. Most of them were fugly, needless to say, but I saw some nice ones.
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