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I was asking about the full tuxedo suit ... not the blazers
Well the cream outfit is still awesome. Wish i could buy it The tuxedos are sold out in every shop though... Can anyone tell me if they were made in 44(eu) /34 ? Apparently the coat and the trench were, but not the dinner jackets...
The nowegian proxy is kinda awesome. Yet, we don't have any norwegian victim to abuse
Hello everyone Any chance to buy the cream tuxedo (44 or 46/ XS pants) or the regular tuxedo from one of you ?
To put it simply: does anyone know where I could find one?
Could anyone tell me more about the lining differences by chance? I am about to buy my first real good pair and I really would enjoy some details about the advantage and drawbacks of fur, silk and cashmere. I really would hate to choose the wrong lining as you can imagine Thanks for your help.
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