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Hello, What the hell is a size 48 (italian) in knitwear ? Is it a S or a M ...and most importantly : what does it measure actually ?
That's the whole point really. I am perfectly aware Theory is not good value for money, but I am quite out of options.
Give them to me then
Hello guys, I am really small and thin (5.5 / 115), and I usually wear size 44(it) or W27 jeans and 36 Zara suits are too big for me. I heard Theory was really slim fitting, but there s not a retail nearby. Any chance I can actually take a size too big on paper (like 28 pants) and actually get something in my size... ? I guess their S and XS could be a nice option for knitwear and stuff anyway. Cheers
Still no one selling the off white tuxedo jacket in 46 ?
Unless you literally get me the pieces, I don't think you can help me more than that. Thanks a million times
Thank you for the intel I assume the trousers were 28 ? I guess I'll have to poach on ebay for a while if everything was actually manufactured in size 44.
The cardigans were really nice because they were proper merino wool, with a proper cut, at a decent price. I don't live in a great city, and this was a good occasion to get something twice as good as regular high street junk for 20 extra bucks... Most of the time in this price range it's either a proper cut and a cheap material, or a proper material and a cheap cut. Depending on the target... Hipster, or fat ass middle aged guys. Now, if you compare these items with 200...
I am more of a 44/28 actually... For some reason the blue blazer (which I didn't want) fitted me though... So i can get blazers a size too big, but 32 trousers ! In any cases, looking for the cream stuff 46 / XS pants >_<
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