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I was just supporting him a little bit. Besides, the margins on clothing are so obscene that it's perfectly fine to fell wronged. In what universe is a suit or even a t-shirt supposed to be sold for 20 times what it's worth ?...
Hello, I am really not very good with ties and I am not sure it's a four in hand, it looks really small (and the tie doesn't) - still it's absolutely awesome for smaller collars Any help from the experts would be welcome !
Stop flaming him, he is absolutely right. Mr porter does many things right, but they are way expansive. I hope you sent back the sweaters and bought them off the other website : it's the only sensible to do. Let them SUCK IT UP. They don't want to be competitive, it's their loss. In my opinion they try to compete with "fancy" stores (think Saks, barney's) but they don't realize that it is Luisaviaroma which is the king of upper scale e-retailling, and for good reasons....
Hello Is "essential apparel" legit/trustworthy ?
Hey guys. Could you tell me if Cristiano Fissore (S) = Collina 46. From my experience Collina fits usually smaller than most brand unless you get one of their chunky knit, and I ve noticed Fissore go as low as XS ... Well
Hello Anyone has any experience with Diesel Black Gold chinos ? They are sized in regular Italian size , but I know nothing of their actual fit. I would need a 44 it which would be the counterpart to a 27 diesel black gold jean. Can I go for it ?
Hey guys. I'm considering buying a pair of Common Projects classy sneakers. I've heard they run large, but the people who say that only use other sneakers for reference ... Something I haven't been wearing for years and years.. Do they actually run large compared to dress shoes ?
Hey guys Shoe sizing question How does Premiata run ? True to size, big, small ? Euro or italian sizing ? Cheers
Hey guys, Could you tell me how do Roberto Collina sizes run ? I am kinda small (168 cm) and slim, so I usually wear XS, and I am debating between size 46(it) and 44(it). Of course, I have to buy it online, no retailer in the hole I am stuck in cheers
Hello guys I wear size 27 trousers ( my size in diesel or givenchy for instance). Any chance for A.P.C XS chino to fit me ? I've heard the brand was usually vanity sized... Cheers
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