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Pm sent !
I am looking for a Dior Raven Black in size W27 or 28 and a Black Sun in W26, eventually W27 if they haven't been worn - stretched + shipping to Europe Plain and simple
I am just looking for the 100% black model (black leather, black sole, slip-on design) cheers,
It's all in the title really. They are just perfect, fabric covered waistband, perfect fit, perfect length apparently great quality... Considering the amount of time the character spend almost naked it's not a surprise I guess. I thought maybe they were James Perse's but they don't make boxer briefs as far as I know...and they are too thick to be Zimmerli's Royal classic If anyone knows I am interested. /Flame on
Will also need shipping to Europe
Best thread ever ! Don't let it go to waste It is also very useful to know who's getting old and who was born and bred during the Tom Ford / Slimane decades.
Thank you very much It's pretty much the same thing in the end, I am not really planning on buying the high end, so it won't be a Belvest / Zegna... more like half canvassed whatever... What about the pant rise though ? Don't forget my very personal requirements Can anyone tell which brand have the lowest rise ?
Well, how do the 2 brand compares in term of cut and fit ?
Thanks for the first feedbacks. I totally forgot to ask about Prada's pricing - There are a few reasonably priced Gucci suit around here (Mr.Porter / Matches...) 1000/1200 euros. Is Prada on par ? I am not sure I want to spend too much either.
Hello gentlemen This may sound like utter crazyness to some of you, but I need to get myself a suit and it has to be fashion forwards... (No it's not for clubbing or whatever, it's just a different professional need) I have always enjoyed the Italian aesthetic so I've decided to settle for one of these 2, but I'll need some real help. How do they compare in term of cuts ? What's the difference between a Gucci "Brea" and a "Signoria" ? Is a brand offering a lower rise...
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