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If I put an order in on Saturday and it hasn't shipped yet (showing unfulfilled), should I contact the shop? I'm sure they got a lot of orders in over the weekend, but just wanted some input.
kind of have a feeling one of these is mine--is there a way to change my address again? i got relocated for my job and will be moving permanently in a few weeks. i would just have it forwarded, but i don't think these are being sent by USPS.again, thanks a lot for all of your hard work, mark!
any update on the ones that aren't finished? i think i speak for all of us when i saw that i really appreciate the work you've done on this, zissou, and i know you have no control over it--would just like a good idea because i'm going out of town for a bit and want to know if i should have someone pick it up for me in the mean time (if it does indeed come in). i'm also apprehensive about the sizing on mine. i usually wear a 40 in suits and purchased a size 42--even this...
cheers, thanks interlockingny!
Mike, Is it possible to buy something through the online site and have you hold it in the shop for a pick-up? What should we write for delivery address for this sort of transaction?
mike-- i notice that for gant, the model wears a large--what does he wear in epaulet shirts? trying to figure out sizing (i noticed you said to size one down from epaulet to gant, but was curious if he was an xl in epaulet)
Looking for a Jean that fits like apc ps but has a bit higher rise. Any ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I've been wanting a pair of grey suede plain toe boots with white welt stitching and a wedge sole, gotta get on that. Whats the cost like phantom? Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I got the PSxTrickers last year, with the exchange rate then they were about $700, but you're right, it's closer to $800 now You're right about the collabs, there is TrickersxTommorrowland (similar to...
mauro, do you send out tracking numbers for orders? picked something up a few days back and was wondering if the tracking number would be showing up in paypal
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift are you from the US or UK? any US sites carry the Grenson Sharp? From the US. There aren't many US stores with grenson, and the ones I saw that did carry them were charging 100 bucks more than pediwear. All in all, I think my girlfriend paid $251 shipped for the grensons from pediwear, and this included some waxes/polishes for the boots
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