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A weird combination for the past few weeks: Stan Getz, new Mount Eerie albums, new GY!BE album, Blade Runner soundtrack, Steely Dan. Probably driving my housemates insane.
I emailed you earlier, but I will take the medium if no one has claimed it already.
If anyone bought one in a medium and it doesn't work out, let me know.
I received my try-on frames a few days ago and the quality seems on par with comparable plastic Luxottica frames to me. I know those frames are typically labeled "Made in Italy," but I seriously doubt most of the manufacture takes place there (and even if it does, it's not like the plastic is being molded by Italian artisans!). The Warby Parker frames are significantly cheaper and lack the ridiculous branding most Luxottica frames feature.
As a rule, I don't add milk to my tea, and I drink a lot of tea. A few weeks ago, though, I tried adding a small amount of milk to a Darjeeling and it was pretty good. It felt like a more natural combination than adding milk to something like sencha or oolong.
If you really think there's a chance they'll fire you, then just give two weeks' notice. I gave my boss a few months' notice at my last job, but only because I knew there was no way they'd get rid of me early. Had that been a real possibility, I would definitely just have given two weeks.
"The Unfazed" by Dolorean. I was looking forward to the new albums by Mogwai and Radiohead but I found both of them a little disappointing.
Ran just a little over four miles. Beautiful weather, but a bee stung my ankle about halfway through.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon To do it correctly, you must MUST must have szechuan peppercorns. Does anybody have a good source for Szechuan peppercorns? Even the better ones I've found locally don't have nearly as much impact as those I had while visiting China.
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