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Messenger bags for sale, in good condition, one is missing the magnetic closure on the front. Asking $10+shipping firm.
Mint. PMed
Alright, final price drop, give me $25 or im giving it away.
Price drop, $35…fantastic fitting sweater!
Price drop, $38 shipped.
Pics. Excuse the small wrinkles, has been sitting for a while folded.
Hey everybody. Im doing a little closet cleaning, and have this sweater I am considering selling. I dont want to because I love this sweater, but I bought it and have never worn it. It is a really neat blend of silk, metal, and cotton. (55/19/15%). It has a beautiful texture to it, is is really light and soft, and you can see the little strands of metal glitter (but not overwhelming, it is just a little). It is navy (more midnight) blue, with black cuffs, neck and...
I'm loving that Oris…alas it is not in the budget…good luck with your sales!
Thats why this is a challenge…the theme is on a budget, therefore a set budget is needed….the lower it is, the more challenging it is. (I am already on a strict budget due to tuition fees, so lower is better for me either way )
Hi. This is my first time really participating in something like this. My $.02…I like the idea of a $500 retail limit…my idea is to go thrifting however and get it for way cheaper, what I can afford. ($50-$100). Question…is this streetwear or classic dress? Or either?
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