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Deets on jeans?
I have a pair of lightly worn Herring Shakespear II shoes size 9.5FUK/10.5DUS in Rosewood finish for $180. These shoes have been worn less than 10 times. On to the photos.
I have a pair of Herring Hawkshead boots for sale at $170. These boots run $265 new after shipping from Herring Shoes. There are no tears, stains or marks on the leather other than scuffs on the welt(photos shown below). These are size 9.5FUK/10.5DUS. These shoes will ship with box, shoe horn, and polishing rag.
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, one of the squares pictured is the brown with white dots and they also all have hand-rolled edges. An unlined tip is one of the options that David gives you in customizing your ties. Due to the loose weave inherent of grenadine fabric you can actually see through the tie since there is no lining. Some people like this option, some don't. After seeing this one in person, I personally do. Sam Hober unlined tip.(If you look close at the tip,...
I just received my first order of ties and squares from David. Wow! He is fantastic to work with. I ordered a dark navy grenadine which I specified as un-tipped, 4-fold, and hand rolled. I have two Kent Wang grenadine ties and while I would recommend the them to anyone, the Hober is a step above. I also ordered a standard red cashmere tie which is beautiful in its own right. During the ordering process David learned that a portion of my order was destined to be in my...
I ordered these a couple of weeks ago in brown and have been enjoying them since. I wear a 10D in US sizing and the 9F fit me the best, so a full size smaller. The leather quality and fit/finish is seemingly Loake 1880 quality, so don't go in expecting a cheap pair of C&J's. I personally did not like the flat finish that the shoes came with, so I personally "burnished" the tips of the shoes with some black shoe polish. This burnishing enhances the look a lot, IMO.
I figured I would post a shot of my Breitling from today before I swapped out the bracelet for a brown leather strap.
Little late to the game, but these are my first double monks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thanks SF (a new me) I need to open an AAAC (arggh) acct for the code? limited time offer? btw, boots look great, that's a damn good packaging!! I don't believe you need to open an AAAC account, but the code is HSAB. The shoes need to be non-sale priced and over £100. Hope this helps!
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