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Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz Correction: Religion that U are referring to is called: Judaism. Jew is a nationality and if you are not born of Jewish mother you are as much of a Jew as Pat Buchanan. This is wrong also because not all Jews follow a law of matrilineal descent. Reform Jews recognize patrilineal descent and also recognize persons raised as Jews in Jewish households, but not of lineal descent (e.g., adoptees) as being...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek As for the father of an asian girl... I'm pretty sure that we objectify all women equally. Jinda just has more free time than our Swiss friend, or else there would be another thread with big-boned white girls. To be clear, as a father of a young Asian woman, I never suggested that men do not objectify women. Nor did I or do I have a problem with a thread devoted to beautiful Asian women (or for that...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 He totally creeped me out in this thread, especially in the last 48 hours with the eyelid surgery pictures, etc... If I was the parent of a young (Asian) girl, I would have been close to calling the FBI. As the dad of a young Asian woman, I do find that extreme degree of objectification to be rather alarming. Young women are already so prone to being victimized by strange men, those who are "exotic" and...
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell Because they're black, not because they're wingtips. Yes. The fact that they are wingtips bothers me not; but black would not be more choice for jeans. That said, one is not obligated to take fashion advice from ebay sellers.
Quote: Originally Posted by hanker565 new designer fashions http://cgi.ebay.com/Mens-suit-with-s...QQcmdZViewItem Janet Reno!!
I did and yes. Thank you very much. Surprisingly, trad does not go over so much with that generation.
Not that I am necessarily complaining, but is every thread going to be overcome by AJ's postings of post-pubescent Asian idols? They are becoming the kudzu of this forum.
While I prefer a bal in a suede wingtip, i think they are nicer than does Lee and I think you did very well indeed. Wear them in good health.
Fits to a 42R US. But, works best if you are a 23.5 sleeve length. Brown POW tweedy, very trad. Fall to Spring. Fine shape. Prefer it be picked up, will agree to any shipping method that does not involve me standing on line. Same deal as with the rest, 1st come, 1st served.
There is a list forming on the Brioni (sorry guys) - good news, more stuff coming in the next couple of days or so. Most I donate to my wife's charity; the pieces I think would be far better appreciated here, you guys will have 1st crack.
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