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For endurance athletes - runners, tra-athletes, bikers, etc. - another good option for a lower calorie, higher sodium drink is Pedialyte. Yes, the same stuff that is given to infants. It is a great for rehydrating and is lower in calories than Gatorade. Will not win awards for taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl I know a handful each of public and private sector attorney's, and I'd never consider any of them that much different than the other public and private sector people I know. The only difference I could notice is the public sector attorney's have given up a little bit more to work in the public sector than the non-attorneys who also work in the public sector. Sometimes they do it to try and really make a difference,...
I have a pair that I use in the neighborhood around the country cottage in the fall and early spring. The are great for dealing with mud, piles of leaves, are quite comfortable, and are warm. The captoe on mine are a bit less pronounced. The sole is very hard wearing. Overall a good country shoe at a very cheap price. That said, I would be less inclined to use for City wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock i don't know if this is the case, but perhaps there's peer pressure on the forums to fit in. with all the talk about kiton and bespoke suits, john lobb and vass shoes... not to mention what gets discussed in the lifestyles forum. perhaps in some twisted way this guy felt he needed to come up with a suitable persona for the forum, and voila, he suddenly completed 4 yrs of medical school. Which explains why...
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 My god. Sell the C&J already. How much self control is one man expected to have! They would look awfully nice with some of those HF sports coats.
I do not think you will find much dissent
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel footnote to RJMAN's post, today is "Talk Like a Pirate" day, mateys. And, any good holiday needs music:
I had a great experience working with Ron and my Marteganis are among my most comfortable shoes.
I run an 8 in most AE and C&J for American manufacturer (e.g., Polo or BB) lasts. Would the Harris's work for me? Thanks. If yes, sure, why not. If no, thanks anyway.
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