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I agree with Connie. He performed with both Ella and Dinah! That would have been interesting indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by stat1 I had no idea. Has anyone else had any bad experiences tailoring Oxxford suits? it may be just a case of a bad cook blaming the ingredients. My tailor has had no problems at all and I have had substantial alterations.
The Ben Silver catalog usually features bow ties.
All in all, not a terrible idea.
You could ask him to hold off on any additional work and return with a better camera and take better photos and repost. My guess is you will be able to solicit better input.
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS that's personal. The shoulders seem to wide as well. The pants are too long, notwithstanding the shoes. Agreed 100%. To me, the suit looks as if it were an off-the-rack suit wanting alterations. The shoulders are too wide, the pants appear unhemmed;, the jacket length is fine, but there is too much bulk in the chest pieces; and the lapels are fine as is.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Reservation is at 7 pm. Let me see if I can expand the reservation to 10-12 people. Outstanding. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Currently, I have a table reserved for 8. Seems that there are some people on the side line. So unless there are more definates, I'll keep the reservation as it is and see if we can squeeze in those who do eventually decide to show. Thank you. Just to be clear, is this a table for eight people or for 8:00 p.m. If the former, what time? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by stat1 Thanks good to know! Do they have solids? I read many of the discount shops carry more 3 button patterns. I am looking for a 2 button solids. Sounds like it is worth checking out. Thanks again! It is very little hit and mostly miss. The solid Oxxfords rarely show at Filenes. The two button solids are really such staple suits that there is little interest in discounting. At Filenes, I have seen more...
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Just to confirm that this thread is for the meetup on Friday January 29th. Fok is having another GTG on the 18th. For the 29th I have chorse gdl lefty Socal2nyc whnay mafoofan morningstar is this correct? I am good for the 29th as well.
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