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Chris- The search tool is your friend. Many threads on wearing brown shoes and gray. Fewer threads on gray shoes and brown clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by WildeMan So, I'm a 44 year old guy, 5'8", hovered for years around 165 lbs. Yes, I know, a little overweight, but I'm trying. I run 5 km (3 and a bit miles) on a treadmill 3 X per week, in 30 - 33 minutes, depending on how I'm feeling. I bike a bit in the summer and play a fair amount of golf --- walking, no cart. About 3-4 months ago, I started some very minor upper body exercises at the gym, using machines, not weights....
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent True. I'm used to thinking of conservative business dress. You know, because of my chosen profession. Either case, brown shoes are still more casual even though they are acceptable. Been a practicing lawyer for 30 years. Would wear brown with business suits to all but the highest level courts and would certainly wear those shoes with a charcoal business suit.
pm on # 10
He accessorizes well.
Quote: Originally Posted by tedbearz Has anyone been to the Filene's Basement in Chelsea. I heard that store is closing. There are fairly prominent signs as of Friday indicating that they lost their lease and are closing. I was doing some buying on Sunday and there was very little men's stuff left. Some decent prices for socks, underwear and Calvin Klein level shirts, suits, and pants. I picked up some O-T-C socks.
If you are looking to buy from the mall for price or the fact that there are no higher end Men's stores near you, consider getting a Merona suit (the wool version) from Target. Easily under $200.00 and the quality will be comparable to most of the mall options.
I was hoping Che would have been wearing a Che t-shirt
Warren- You might find that being snarky with a fair criticism is not a wise move. Frankly, I found the going a bit rough and I do read quite well. Try an approach that does not blame or ridicule the customer.
The second photo down on the right hand side of the original post has a very John Steed look. I wonder if Bunny Rogers was at all an inspiration. Some of the elements - the tapered trousers, the lack of cuffs, the boots, the sharply upturned bowler, and the considerable waist suppression - are all present in both.
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