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Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Why is there a divide between "nice looking" and "comfortable"? It's a false dichotomy. When flying, you want dark clothing that can be easily washed, is comfortable sitting for long periods of time and works well in the cool temperature of the plane cabin as well as the temperatures at your departure point and destination. You need shoes that you can leave on all day, can handle running across an airport when you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Well, it could also be that you're at the airport on a weekend. Week days, there tends to be a higher percentage of business travelers (especially Mon/Tue early mornings, and Thu/Fri late evenings), and most folks tend to be better dressed. Besides, if you're traveling for pleasure, why not dress comfortably -- especially for longer haul flights? Possibly it is how I select my clothing, but I find I am...
Please, in 8D: Soho Evanston Manhattan Would prefer browns, but would consider black if all that is available. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi fake Luciano Barbera? Seems just old. I do not see the market for used lesser known Italian fakes.
Chris- The search tool is your friend. Many threads on wearing brown shoes and gray. Fewer threads on gray shoes and brown clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by WildeMan So, I'm a 44 year old guy, 5'8", hovered for years around 165 lbs. Yes, I know, a little overweight, but I'm trying. I run 5 km (3 and a bit miles) on a treadmill 3 X per week, in 30 - 33 minutes, depending on how I'm feeling. I bike a bit in the summer and play a fair amount of golf --- walking, no cart. About 3-4 months ago, I started some very minor upper body exercises at the gym, using machines, not weights....
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent True. I'm used to thinking of conservative business dress. You know, because of my chosen profession. Either case, brown shoes are still more casual even though they are acceptable. Been a practicing lawyer for 30 years. Would wear brown with business suits to all but the highest level courts and would certainly wear those shoes with a charcoal business suit.
pm on # 10
He accessorizes well.
Quote: Originally Posted by tedbearz Has anyone been to the Filene's Basement in Chelsea. I heard that store is closing. There are fairly prominent signs as of Friday indicating that they lost their lease and are closing. I was doing some buying on Sunday and there was very little men's stuff left. Some decent prices for socks, underwear and Calvin Klein level shirts, suits, and pants. I picked up some O-T-C socks.
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