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Quote: Originally Posted by breakfasteatre She has worked at a small italian restaurant for a couple years now more often than not, she will get her pay cheque, go next door to the bank to cash it, and the bank will tell her that the restaurant does not have money in the account to cash the cheque the store manager will tell her to just put the cheque in the atm, wherein because her paycheques have bounced so many times, that her entire account will...
Rebel ships lightening fast and is a great seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Can anyone comment on these ties? (I am curious if my initial gut reaction is correct) Geometrics and novelty ties are making a comeback. The more conservative ties are, IMHO, quite nice in their own right. I agree with CPMAC's assessment. I also think that even if you only wanted 4-5 of the ties, the price is still good and you could use remainder as beater ties or donate.
FWIW, I have a friend who insists upon not taking off the basting or sleeve tags (the sewn on ones, not the hanging ones).
Quote: Originally Posted by vtechnwn http://cgi.ebay.com/OXXFORD-CLOTHES-...#ht_1133wt_940 Good deal if it's genuine. It is likely a 20+ year old orphaned suit jacket. Probably fine for what it is and, per description, may have been heavily altered. Also, note that Oxxford is not a brand that is really counterfeited.
Quote: Originally Posted by Byte_Me So it sounds like the preferred route would be brown or burgundy with the blue blazer. The salesman was quite firm saying the only appropriate shoe with the blue blazer was cordovan, which I of course took to mean the color v the leather type. There are a lot more options out there for brown shoes v burgundy, but again, he did mention that black or tan shoes were out with the navy blazer. If one is...
Prefer Courier New font for critiques.
An under-rated, IMHO, place for lunch would be David Burke's Townhouse. If you walked around the West Village and lower Chelsea, you could do lunch at Toqueville, another under-rated place. Both would be very pricey for dinner, but relative bargains for lunch. Certainly walking around the EV is fun, the little shops all along the side streets from 11th to 6th between Avenue A and 2nd Ave are inteesting and women certainly seem to enjoy them. You could have dinner at...
If not already suggested, consider late night drinks at Birdland on Friday or Saturday night. I have a few years on Plano and the room is fun, the drinks good, and the music can be wonderful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spats They look great, but could you hold them up to the web a little closer please? And such a great price!
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