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Would you please post measurements and a photo on the interior? Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Boss1982 greetings members - do you think this is an authentic Fendi sport coat? ebay member named saaspo Might be an orphaned suit jacket and unvented, if that matters to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex That still is a 6" drop. Respectfully disagree. The drop would represent the difference between the tagged sizes. Thus, for a 6" drop on a 42R, the pants would be a 36" waist. If the pants are a 39 waist on a 42R jacket, the drop is 3".
You may want to recheck the chest measurements. A 42R usually translates to a 44" or 45" inch chest.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday No one ever loves Barry Nelson. Jimmy!
Connery Also, while I like gadgets, etc., From Russia with Love remains, IMHO, the best of the Bond movies - closest to the book, not an excess of impossible toys, a great locale, wonderful plot lines, and fun villains (excellent fight on the train). Oh yeah, the dame was not bad either.
I first saw him in Demon with a Glass Hand, a precursor to so many great sci-fi plots. He was excellent.
Your measurements indicate that it is 42S and not a 43R.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria How about a dedicated subforvm just for spam? - B Yes, but it could result in the part being greater than the whole. Or, we could have a thread devoted to clothing issues, one devoted to snark, etc.
Would be even easier if we required the spam to be self reporting. Save even more time.
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