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Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi 2 42R BB Golden Fleece suits by Martin Greenfield IIRC, and solid navy BB DB blazer cheap In the text, says 41 Long
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern Something like that has to be supported bottom-up. A business will have a tough time surviving trying to enforce a dress code that is not widely supported by its patrons. True that. I have been to too many restaurants that list the policy but do not try to enforce it. I try to adhere in the, admittedly pointless, hope that there will be some impact on other diners.
Shoe trees would be your friends here.
Could one of the mods please check, is new member catside just a shill for an ebay seller? NOTE: all the links s/he posts in "ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing" link to the ebay seller Augustusbrine. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by iand I'm seriously considering buying this Caruso. Any idea how old it is? Gorge and lapels look somewhat 80's to me. I think it be an orphaned suit jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by 518aata And another thing you don't see every day, a NWT Sulka (St. Andrews?) cashmere sportcoat. Size 42. BIN of $130. Listed as used, but it's still got the tags and stitching on the sleeves. UNVENTED. Probably does not have sleeve buttons as well. It is nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by hizen Get lost, scumbag! Did I ask you somethin'? Get yourself a girl to be proud of... not the average fibrositis bucket of your 'hood, but in case that late angst twistin' your guts and tiny brains cannot fade, for the sake of all the members of this forum..., well spank your baby monkey 4 to 8 times a day to cool off!!! The piece of advice is free for acne asses just like you, therefore... be my guest, make yourself...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 BIN is ridiculous. Also, the quality is not even close to current EG offerings. I have bought/sold a dozen pair of these. They are nice, but not that nice. I also appreciate that the seller painted the soles on used shoes.
Now, if it were $120.00, it might be more attractive!
Did you have a price in mind?
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