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I have it on one of my BB Blazers
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Why not go to the principal sources--Arrian, Plutarch and Quintus Curtius Rufus? Paperback editions of all three should be readily available. Modern works on Alexander will mostly just be interpreting and fluffing out what is contained in those books. The Landmark book I recommended is a modern translation of Arrian. Nicely annotated. Over all, I find the Landmark series to be very well done, but not so...
A lot of the "history" is revisionist. One of the better histories written closest to the time of Alexander and well translated is the Landmark series "The Campaigns of Alexander".
As indicated in the title, the pants are: CLAIMED They are in virtually brand new condition. You can pick them up from me in Fashion District of NYC for free or I will send them once you paypal me the actual cost of mailing. First in by pm gets them. I am unlikley to respond until Monday of next week.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Who's initials are ROP? Dr. Richard Philips. Be careful of stains.
Have the bartender add a splash of bitters.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles I love OXXford rtw. I really hope someone buys these to A) stimulate our economy and b) give me hope that SF isn't overrun by microtimers who only want used zegna suits for under $200. I prefer used Oxxford for under $200.00. But, if i were a big timer, I would seriously jump on this deal.
The thought that any James Patterson work is listed among the 700 best books is depressing.
Quote: Originally Posted by drducky likely not an amazing deal, but damn.. nicest Zegna shoes I've ever seen Yes!!! Absolutely!!! Stunning!!!
Truth be told, I do watch the strongest man comps. I am a sucker for farmer's walks, truck pulls, and the ever popular Hercules' Pillars.
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