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Right or wrong, I completely ignore anything 3 button...
Gotcha - thanks!
Ben, Question on the Benjamin shirts. Currently the shirts that are on sale have a "Medium Spread Collar." This is the same description as the shirts that are not for sale. However, in the pictures the not for sale shirts seem to have a much larger spread. I prefer the collar in the shirts that are not for sale, but they are out of my price range, so my question is whether or not this is a situation of the photographs misrepresenting the collars or whether a stylist...
Now i'm curious - what products do come with these hangars? I bought a Navy Benjamin suit and a Herringbone Benjamin jacket and neither came with that hangar. Still came with a nice wooden hangar, but thin...
Excellent! I'll be buying two
First a few comments: I've been meaning to take a moment to post on my customer service experience with eHaberdasher. Following what appeared to be bubbling in the fused sleeves of my
Was afraid you were going to say that
Got them for $220 at 30% off. I really am impressed with the lenses and the frames are beautiful - just a quarter inch too narrow!
Picked up a pair of L.G.R Nairobi tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses from Mr. Porter on their Black Friday sale. Received them and noticed that all four corners do not lay evenly on a flat surface. Should I be concerned? Is this a returnable offense? I heard great things about the quality of the acetate and lenses, and they are beautiful, but my initial impression is that their QA is lacking. Also, any suggestion on fit would be appreciated. I'm struggling between a...
Hi Ben - Appreciate the quick reply. It may well be the dry cleaner, but I have taken far older and 'lesser quality' suits to my current cleaners without issue. I'll contact you offline and keep coming back here to see if any others have had similar issues in the sleeves.
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