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These are raw. Waist: 16" Upper thigh: 11.25" Knee: 8.5" Leg Opening: 7"
Price dropped to 110
Got all your PMs--will post pictures tonight
Worn less than 10 times. I bought these a while back but am still wearing my pair that I bought in 09 and just can't move on. Edited to add pics PRICE DROP TO 110.
Tried on their linen pants. Quality was nice, but wasn't thrilled with the fit. Was nice through the seat and waist, but too billowy below the knee to justify the price with tailoring.
Got a sienna altered recently. Had to lengthen the sleeves quite a bit--so much so that theres about 2 inches between the sleeve and the first button. Thoughts on adding a 5th button to take up some of that space?
Jacket Is too long, imo
Went to the Gant sample sale and picked up an awesome waxed leather weekend bag for $40. Clothes ran big, but I did pick up a few size M rugger oxfords.
For Italian I recommend Osteria Morini, Puttanesca, Ciano, and Novita.
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