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Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the steadfast.
I see those guys everyday in San Francisco.
You can't really separate design (looks) from quality as people that pay for high-quality shoes generally want them to not be ugly.
I browse the B&S forums every once in a while and remembered these. You're pretty lucky as new pairs of C&J on there are fairly rare.
If you're a 10.5 D: http://www.styleforum.net/t/337463/nib-crockett-jones-handgrade-audley-dark-brown-antique-calf-uk-9-5/0_30 http://www.styleforum.net/t/337465/gently-used-crockett-jones-tetbury-dark-brown-suede-uk-9-5/0_30 http://www.styleforum.net/t/337462/nib-crockett-jones-handgrade-belgrave-polo-suede-uk-9-5/0_30 http://www.styleforum.net/t/339776/crockett-and-jones-for-brooks-brothers-punch-caps-10-5d/0_30
What reviews? Are you a 10.5 D US? Another way to get discounted shoes are factory seconds. The problem with buying shoes on discount is that even if you find something in your size, it's probably an unpopular design/color. The "bang for your buck" mentality doesn't really work in the world of clothing in my experience. I was thinking in the same way 3 years ago. Now I buy C&J Handgrade at full price and don't regret it at all.
C&J Westbourne. Check Robert Old. You can't have superior design AND quality AND a low price.
At your price range (~$450) Crockett and Jones Benchgrade is what people here like.
It's easy to get any BB 1818 suit for around $700-$800. There's a 25% sale right now.
It's easy to get any BB 1818 suit for around $700-$800. There's a 25% sale right now. You don't know enough to do well with MTM.
New Posts  All Forums: