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Maybe you should evaluate the price based on the actual quality of the blazer rather than where it's made.
Also, here's a good looking Grasmere (160s) on clearance:
Does anyone have a SA they can recommend who is comfortable fulfilling orders by email? Thanks.
Acorn fabric is having a 20% off everything sale this month. Must spend 100 pounds before discount.
There was for me, as I'm new to the process of buying fabric. If I'm doing this right, I would be paying $240 plus shipping & duty for 2 meters of fabric for a jacket. My tailor will do a CMT jacket for $700 while he quoted me $1,400 for a jacket using the fabric I'm buying. He buys fabric through Isles Textiles so maybe they're making a big profit on resale.edit: Called Isles Textiles and they quoted me $150 per yard for fabrics in the Steadfast book.
For anyone that is interested, I called Smith's Woolens today and they do in fact sell to individuals. The man I spoke to, David, quoted me a price of 80 pounds (ex-VAT) per meter for a navy hopsack in the Steadfast line. The best way to communicate with them is via email at
Does anyone know where I can buy Saphir Suede Renovateur spray?
I'm also very interested in pictures. Do you know what fabric you picked? Besides the full canvas, what "extras" added $500?
I'd buy one off you if you want to split shipping.
I recommend looking into APC New Standard or 3Sixteen SL-100X. Both popular cuts on here.
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