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I've heard that they can make you look like a wet dog.
Yes I think the pants look better. The fit of the jacket also bothers me. It makes his hips look really wide. Shoes are still too light for me.Don't mind me though, I have some very stringent tastes.
I don't like the combination of this shade of blue and light grey. I feel it would look better with mid/dark grey pants.I also don't like light brown shoes with grey pants.
Thanks for the heads up.
If you're not experienced, I would get a cheaper RTW suit from Brooks Brothers.Spoon tailor and Andreas Gorges are two local tailors who do Bespoke in San Francisco for around that price.
I think that if you buy something at BB when it's 25%+ off (get some discounted gift cards and pay with that as well), you can't really go wrong on value. I would check it out in person and see if you like how it fits.
So I should wash the stack of fabric I got from Acorn before I give it to my tailor?
Maybe you should evaluate the price based on the actual quality of the blazer rather than where it's made.
Also, here's a good looking Grasmere (160s) on clearance:http://www.acornfabrics.com/fabrics/grasmere-gx-blue
Does anyone have a SA they can recommend who is comfortable fulfilling orders by email? Thanks.
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