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Nice fit. Would that be considered a "nipped waist"?
You'd think that at least one other BB SA would know about this place and make an effort to get some customers.
Does anyone have recommendations for casual jackets? Nothing looks that great from stock pictures and I have a gift card that I need to use.
Bringing this thread back for a similar question: I've gotten into West Coast Swing, and I have found that my dainite-soled suede C&J Chelsea boots work very well in terms of comfort. I've found the dainite soles to be fine on cement and on the tile? (not sure what it's called) floor of the college building that I practice in. However, I've never danced on a ballroom floor and am not sure how that will work with danite soles. I'm happy to buy dancing shoes that are high...
Great looking jacket. Is it a Barbour?
Isn't there some benefit to letting them air out? What is the harm in not having a tree in them for 24 hours?
You should search for "blazersuit."
I've heard that they can make you look like a wet dog.
Yes I think the pants look better. The fit of the jacket also bothers me. It makes his hips look really wide. Shoes are still too light for me.Don't mind me though, I have some very stringent tastes.
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