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Nice proportions on the tie, collar, and lapels. Don't put your hands in your pockets.
A back shot would help.
My guess is that your shirts are too tight. It looks like it's pulling from the lower back area.
I believe that you can buy beer in bottle form.
2.5" is too thin. I would start with 3 inches. Get a spread collar.
That looks terrible.
I would really like a Chelsea Boot in a Dark Brown similar to the following: . This is actually a Dark Brown Cottesmore made for Barneys but you get the idea. I'm looking for a non-super narrow last and doesn't have to be C&J. Any recommendations?
Those cufflinks in your profile pic are awesome. Can I get details? Thanks!
I would be ecstatic if my Marcolianis last three years.
Not sure about those sandals but it's a good look. In my opinion, people here could be a bit more "casual" when it comes to their casual wear.
New Posts  All Forums: