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You're not ready for bespoke yet.
Post a fit pic before buying.
As if there was some reason to hide it? It seems like the kind of thinking that is contributing to the decline of tailored menswear. I already have my own account there so no big deal to me.
Find a group activity that you like doing, and do that. Talk to the other people doing it and suggest hanging out.
I have the same shoe but my shine on the toes is no where near as nice. What is your method?
Howard Yount Classic Flannel Pants in Charcoal Grey -Gently worn and just drycleaned at Rave Fabricare -Size 30. See measurements here -Inseam have been shortened to 30 inches with about 1.5 inches of extra material.
I, too, vote orange.
-Brushed Twill Jacket in Grey Blue from Howard Yount -Brand new with tags, unworn, unaltered (sleeve buttons not attached but included) -Size 38 (Sold out on HY website) -Three patch pockets, side vents, quarter lined -Works great as a blazer See here for measurements:
Order one with soft, one with non-soft. Impossible to decide otherwise.
I've been in contact with Ascot shoes on a potential order of Suede Chelsea Boots on the F last from Vass. I wear a UK 6 and they've recommended that I try a size 40 or 40.5. Does this seem right? I've read some members here who were UK 6 have gotten a size 39 or 39.5.
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