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Find a group activity that you like doing, and do that. Talk to the other people doing it and suggest hanging out.
I have the same shoe but my shine on the toes is no where near as nice. What is your method?
Howard Yount Classic Flannel Pants in Charcoal Grey -Gently worn and just drycleaned at Rave Fabricare -Size 30. See measurements here http://www.howardyount.com/collections/wool-pants/products/classic-flannel-pants-charcoal-gray -Inseam have been shortened to 30 inches with about 1.5 inches of extra material.
I, too, vote orange.
-Brushed Twill Jacket in Grey Blue from Howard Yount -Brand new with tags, unworn, unaltered (sleeve buttons not attached but included) -Size 38 (Sold out on HY website) -Three patch pockets, side vents, quarter lined -Works great as a blazer See here for measurements: http://www.howardyount.com/collections/jackets/products/brushed-twill-jacket-gray-blue
Order one with soft, one with non-soft. Impossible to decide otherwise.
I've been in contact with Ascot shoes on a potential order of Suede Chelsea Boots on the F last from Vass. I wear a UK 6 and they've recommended that I try a size 40 or 40.5. Does this seem right? I've read some members here who were UK 6 have gotten a size 39 or 39.5.
Are you saying that your Belgraves fit wider than your other 337s in the same size?
How did this turn out?
Yes, I've noticed that the waistband stretches out on all my HY pants. Is this the case for all wool pants?
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