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I would be up for a dark brown Belgrave MTO if anyone ever wants to.
Has anyone purchased cloth directly from Harrisons and could provide contact information? Thanks.
Robert Old offers C&J with free shipping. May have to wait for stock.
Thanks for the replies. I did a bit of google searching and I think that Sharkskin would be a good choice.
I'm trying to decide what type of fabric I want for my first semi-bespoke solid charcoal suit, to be used for business affairs in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm thinking of the following: -Solid Charcoal -Smooth worsted "hard finish" -10-12oz -slight amount of surface interest -Don't want twill, herringbone, or hopsack -Most likely from Smiths Woolens What I'm less sure about is the specific type of weave I want. I've seen samples, but not being experienced in this...
I ordered 2 yards of Steadfast 1561 (Navy Hopsack) directly from Smiths for 146 pounds. Shipping to USA was 12
I would also recommend Andreas Gorges for semi-bespoke. I think there's a big benefit to working with a local tailor as opposed to a traveling one if you're new to bespoke.
Can anyone comment on how their pair of calfskin Chelsea boots have creased? Wondering if they crease any more or less than a lace-up wholecut, being a slip-on. All the pictures here are of brand new shoes, but I want to consider how they look after being worn.
Bringing this post back as I really want a 2nd pair of suede chelsea boots. I currently have the C&J Chelsea 8 on the 341 last and they're my go-to shoe with jeans. I would like to get a 2nd pair of suede boots but would rather not get the exact same color/style. Anyone have any recommendations? Open to other manufacturers as well. Currently, I'm thinking of the C&J Cranford on the 360 last:
I think you're looking for the Streetwear forum.
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