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I got a call from the Roseville store about 25% off Outerwear until October 27th. Another 25% off if you donate a coat. Anyone else get this? edit: Called the San Francisco store and it's only 25% off, and only if you bring a coat. Ends November 1st. Not sure which is right.
Is this the Westbourne in Brown?
After wearing both C&J oxfords and chelsea boots for some time, I have realized that the soles of the chelsea boots don't support my feet enough. I start getting pain in the ball of my feet with each step. This does not happen with oxfords. My guess is that the soles of the two types of shoes are shaped in different ways. Can someone explain to me what the problem is so that I know how to avoid the wrong shoes for me in the future? Thanks.
Up for sale is a used, well-cared for pair of dark brown Audleys in size 6UK. This is on the 337 last. I am selling because they fit tighter than my other 337 shoes so if this last is a tight fit for you, I would not buy this. They have been resoled once with John Rendenbach soles and flush metal toe plates (cost $160). They have only been worn twice since then. Since I bought them, I've occasionally conditioned and polished them with Saphir products. There are a few...
Buy from UK stores. Either C&J UK or Robert Old. Significantly cheaper.
I would be up for a dark brown Belgrave MTO if anyone ever wants to.
Has anyone purchased cloth directly from Harrisons and could provide contact information? Thanks.
Robert Old offers C&J with free shipping. May have to wait for stock.
Thanks for the replies. I did a bit of google searching and I think that Sharkskin would be a good choice.
I'm trying to decide what type of fabric I want for my first semi-bespoke solid charcoal suit, to be used for business affairs in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm thinking of the following: -Solid Charcoal -Smooth worsted "hard finish" -10-12oz -slight amount of surface interest -Don't want twill, herringbone, or hopsack -Most likely from Smiths Woolens What I'm less sure about is the specific type of weave I want. I've seen samples, but not being experienced in this...
New Posts  All Forums: